I Truly Don’t Know Where She Gets It

Just a couple Bella stories to make your day.

A few months ago while Bri was away, I decided we’d all curl up and watch a movie. The boys chose Finding Nemo. Bella was 2. I figured she’d be fine. She wasn’t old enough to understand what was going on, right? She might get a little scared of the sharks, but we’d get through it. She could sit on my lap and I’ll comfort her and then we’ll be fine, right?

If only I had known.

15 minutes into the movie, Nemo gets captured and taken away in a boat. His daddy, Marlin, swims after him and spends the rest of the movie searching for his son.

15 minutes into the movie, Bella begins wailing.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

Chubby cheeks covered with wetness. Pudgy hands wiping the tears away, pushing red curls from her face. She can barely speak through her sobs.

“He got taken fwom his Daddy. Is his daddy going to find him? I want his daddy to find him wight now.”

Oh, how I underestimated my Bella. She spent the entire movie on my lap crying. She could care less about the sharks or the scary angler fish. All she wanted was Marlin to find Nemo. But she wouldn’t let me turn it off or find another movie. She had to know it would all be okay.

And when they did find each other? The wails began again.

“It’s okay, Bella.” I soothed, almost frantic by this point. “Look! They found each other.”

“I know, Mommy!” picture those pudgy hands wiping her cheeks again. “I’m just so happy dat I cwy.”

Mind you. She’s TWO!

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there y’all.

Today she and I were running errands. She’s three now and even more dramatic than before. When we arrived at our driveway, she clapped her hands in delight. “Oh!” she shrieked. “It’s our home!” She threw her hands up to her cheeks, open-mouthed. I grinned, watching her in the rear-view mirror. Then I turned as she began to wail, “Oh, we’re home. We’re home. We’re home!”

“What, baby? What’s wrong?”

“Oh, Mommy!” the sobbing, y’all. Oh, the sobbing. “I’m just so happy to have a home!”

I think I’ll end every post about Bella like this:

We’re doomed.


11 responses to “I Truly Don’t Know Where She Gets It”

  1. Grandma and Grandad Avatar
    Grandma and Grandad

    Oh but what a wonderful way to be doomed!


  2. OK, I have tears in my eyes now! I hope Bella is happy! What a doll.


  3. Dear Angie,

    Thank you for this post. To quote your daughter, ” I’m just so happy to have a home”. What a wonderful and humbling statement. This day and age, many around us wants more, more and even more (At times, I find myself envious…no more HGTV for me) . Out of the mouth of babes…we should be content and happy that we do have a home to live. Thanks Audrey, for reminding me to be content with what I have.


  4. Don’t you love how they are so sensitive? I love that picture of her – such a pretty princess. She reminds me of my little girl.


  5. maybe i’m bias b/c of last night…but Bella looks like a purple “Elphiba’…that’s definitley a compliment b/c I loved Elphiba’s character and heart. And I love the way your daughter wears her heart on her sleeve.

    (and I think she gets it from you and Brian…you guys have the biggest hearts around!)


  6. Oh, how this reminds me when this came out in the theater we took Alisia to watch it. She was 3. At the beginning she cried too! I was not prepared for that kind of beginning to a movie! But it was so cute at the end she cried very loud “HE FOUND HIS DADDY!” And everyone turned around to see where that little voice was coming from. Thanks for the reminder!
    I love the princess pic!


  7. But what a beauteous doom, inside and out! Beauteous Bella!


  8. Beth Zarlenga Avatar
    Beth Zarlenga

    She gets it from her momma….

    Sending many thoughts and much love your way today 🙂


  9. Beautiful! What a great ‘doom’ you have 🙂 – and ammunition, ahem, I mean wonderful stories to tell to future suitors of this fine princess.


  10. My dear Angie,

    We are so fortunate to have a clone of you. We get double the pleasures and blessings. God bless you and your little one you are rays of sunshine.



  11. That is awesome! I love the drama. Love it.


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