Any Calvin & Hobbes Fans Here?

If so, check out this blog by M. S. Corley.

And if you’re anything like me, be prepared to get a little bit choked up.


3 responses to “Any Calvin & Hobbes Fans Here?”

  1. Oh, we are HUGE Calvin & Hobbes fans, here.

    And I totally choked up — maybe tonight, which marked the last recital with one of my oldest and dearest piano students — was NOT the night to ponder how everyone grows up.


  2. thank you for sharing this. definitely love it!

    i’m a little embarrassed that this is my first comment [on something not so serious] but hope to leave more comments in the future :]



  3. wow…definitely crazy to think about. kylie and josiah are way into tom and my old c&h’s books. fun to remember how into them we were when we were little!


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