Enriching Amusement (BABE style)

In the Rocktown Weekly, a local newspaper, Andrew Jenner writes:

The dudes of Team British Rust will end up in Newport, Tenn., tomorrow night, and reach New Orleans by Friday evening, if The Mighty Boosh makes it. The air in the parking deck is electric now, bursting with the infectious energy of a few guys on the cusp of middle age doing something too few guys on the cusp of middle age do: devoting a whole week to juvenile, and, therefore, immensely enriching amusement.

Yep. I choked up. What a surprise.

As I stood by the guys during the interview, Andrew asked me, “Has he been excited?” I smiled and said, “Oh, yes, he’s been very excited.” Then he said, “Can I quote you?”

Laughing. If I had known I’d be quoted I’d have come up with something a little more original to say. Oh well. It’s really not about me.

It’s about a wonderful trip for four wonderful guys who’ve lived some wonderful lives.

Check out the full article here!

(Asher still prays that Daddy would win every time he prays. Don’t think that’s gonna happen, but I really don’t think the guys care.)

One response to “Enriching Amusement (BABE style)”

  1. This is so awesome. How did he get to do this? I’d love for The Man to get to be able to do this.


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