Of Wally-World, Downpours, And Broken Serpentine Belts

Yesterday was a day.

Picture this if you like…

I was weary from a visit to the oncologist. It was a good visit. I am staying in maintenance mode… my white blood cell counts and iron continue to be low, which means I have a weak immune defense and next visit I will have to have an iron infusion, because we can’t seem to get my iron levels back up. Not fun, but a whole lot better than chemo! It also explains the extreme fatigue I have on top of just normal recovery from treatment.

I picked up my kids and off we went to Wally-World (do you even want to know how many times under my breath I say, “I hate this store.” every time I am in that place? Why, oh why do I torture myself?). We arrived under threatening skies, and just as we pulled into our parking space, the rain began. We waited until it slowed, played a bit of I Spy, pretended we were invisible super heroes, then ran for it when the rain slowed.

I had a bag of things to return and wound up waiting behind someone who had at least 30 items (I do not kid!) to return. The hour I had planned at this cursed place was already half over by this point, but I pressed forward. We did our shopping (last minute for our beach trip next week), and checked out only to find that not only had the skies opened up, but the downpour was blinding. We stood and waited and waited and waited. Three small children and one tired adult. Finally, it let up. Sprinkles. So we ran for the van again.

Two steps into the parking lot and that torrential downpour I mentioned before? It decided to start again. We got to the van. Bella was screaming her head off. Bear kept saying we should have taken an umbrella. And Buddy, well, he was a good buddy and helped me get everyone in the car as well as the bags. By the time I got into the van, I didn’t have a single dry spot on me. It was like I had jumped into a pool… the kids were just as wet and miserable.

And Bella continued to scream. “My shoe! My shoe! My shoe!” It had fallen off in the melee. So, we located it and waited for the rain to subside. Y’all I was wringing out my hair (to which my dear friend, Bethy, responded with how happy it made her that I had hair to wring out. That means it’s getting long. Yay!) Rain stopped. Shoe acquired.

We began our trek home. I turned out of the parking lot and the van froze up. No power steering. Nothing. I wanted to bang my head against the steering wheel. I called my B, who was out of town on business, and said, “The serpentine belt went again on the van. What do I do?” Aren’t y’all impressed that I even know what a serpentine belt is? Ahh, yes, I fancy myself a mechanic.

Not really. I like to keep my nails clean.

He figured we lived close enough to the cursed Wal-Mart to get home but I’d have no power steering. Alas, I also have no strength in my right arm b/c of my surgeries. So, he told me to call Guest Blogger Joe, because well, if you’re looking for arm strength AND a mechanic, he’s the one to go to. Well, not the mechanic part. So I called Guest Blogger Joe who rescued our little family. He drove the van home, while I drove his car.

Side note:

When Joe got to us, he moved Bella into his car so she could be with me while I drove home. That part didn’t get communicated to poor Bella. As he was strapping her car seat in, she was super quiet, so he looked up only to find her face crumpled in tears in that terrifying no breathe cry kids do when they are upset. It was heart-breaking. We calmed her down and explained she was going to be with Mommy. I think she had had her fill. As had I.

We got home, broken van, soggy groceries, drenched children, cranky mommy. We dried off, baked a pizza, curled up in front of a movie, and Bella can’t stop singing the praises of Guest Blogger Joe. Guess he’s her hero now. Bear decided we should give him food to thank him.

Two more side notes:

First, in all that time I sat with my hazards on, pitifully wet, a broken van on the side of the Wally-World parking lot, at least 50 cars passed me. And not one stopped to see if I needed help. That makes me very sad. Very, very sad. That’s the world we live in today.

Second, now I get to drive the TRUCK everywhere. Can y’all tell I am just so excited? I even had my arm out the window like a true redneck today. Mind you, I have nothing against rednecks. I just am about the farthest thing from one as you can get.

So, there… if you’ve made it this far without getting bored, good for you.

That’s all.

Happy Wednesday.

Oh, and that beach trip we’re going on? Can’t get here soon enough!

10 responses to “Of Wally-World, Downpours, And Broken Serpentine Belts”

  1. Grandma and Grandpa Avatar
    Grandma and Grandpa

    OH my, one of those “sometimes life just stinks” days. Sure am glad Guest Blogger Joe was available. Hope the rest of the week and beach preparations go without incident!


  2. I’m ready for the beach too but we don’t go until the end of July. I’m sorry that you had all that trouble at W-world but thank goodness for Blogger Joe. I always wonder if someone would help me if I were stranded somewhere. Guess I know my answer. Now if I can only find a blogger joe in my town.


  3. First of all….I LOVE that H’burg Walmart. And secondly…I thought the same thing about your hair….so glad you HAVE hair to get wet! πŸ™‚ I hope today goes better for you! Love, Kelly


  4. I learned to drive on a car without any power/assisted power steering … so I can appreciate the difficulty. Can’t imagine that in a mini-van, my dad’s VW was bad enough! I hate Wally-world too. The Wally-world around here is completely dismal and lacks a food section … so I go to it very infrequently πŸ™‚ Oh – and tell guest blogger Joe that he’s dearly missed by the Prathers, especially when we hear such great stories about him! And last but not least … HOORAY FOR HAIR! Your OWN hair!!!

    Have a wonderful vacation with your family friend!!! Give all three of your kids big hugs from me and tell them I’m giving them a challenge to build a sand castle taller than Asher.


  5. I’m with Bella in thinking that Guest Blogger Joe is a hero. I miss his kind heart πŸ˜‰

    2 days until the Beach! So excited/grateful for this break for you.


  6. Oh my….

    I’m sorry you had such a stinky day…but um, you’re such a good story teller it was really funny. (Not the parts about your appointment and your non-working arm, but a lot of the other stuff)

    That really stinks about the iron. I hope the infusion goes well, that it works and it doesn’t get your body all confused.

    Have a good weekend, lady.


  7. Wow – just READING about your day wore me out.

    So glad Guest Blogger Joe was able to come to the rescue – I agree with Bella, he’s a hero.

    Can’t wait to read about the beach – enjoy!!!


  8. Oh wow. I know you told me about this a bit already, but not the breakdown and the torrential rains. We got caught in them too. Ella was not a fan, but Henry and I just laughed at how wet we got. It was either that, or cry, and I was in a laughing mood that day.

    Glad you are resting at the beach…can’t wait to hear all about that!


  9. OH my that was quiet a nightmare trip! You had to be worn out after that. Won’t the beach trip be just what you need! Thanks for the update on your health too…..I just prayed for complete recovery…again:)


  10. one of those days…..
    enjoy your time away at the beach! RELAX!


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