Wednesday Worship: Be Merciful To Me

Lying in her bed and reading to my Bella last night, she grabbed me and cried out. “Mommy,” tears filled her little eyes, “Adam and Eve are so sad. They have to leave the Garden!” She agonized over that for moments as the tears spilled over, and I looked deep into the eyes of my freshly-turned three-year-old marveling at her depth of feeling.

I held her close, “Why did they have to leave the Garden?”

She heaved a deep sigh and wiped her eyes, “Because they listened to Satan and they think God doesn’t love them.”

It was at that point that the tears filled my eyes. Yes. A thousand times yes. Satan whispered the lie of all lies to Adam and Eve in the Garden–essentially that God doesn’t love you, that God is a liar.

Oh, but there’s more, I assured my Bella, so much more to that story.

“But God promised them they would be rescued, Bella. Do you know how?”

Her eyes lit up, “Jeee-thuth!” She clapped her hands.

Yes, baby Girl, the most amazing picture of love anyone could ever see! And what did Jesus do?

She sat up in bed, rolled on top of me and squeezed my neck, “He died on the Cross! For our sins.” She laughed out loud. “Oh, Mommy, I like this story!”

Me, too, Bella.

I left her room, turned this song up as loud as I dared, and wept.

I like this story, too. Widgets

Song: Be Merciful To Me
Artist: Caedmon’s Call
Album: In The Company Of Angels II

Out from the deep I call
To Thee O Lord to Thee
Before thy throne I fall
Be merciful to me

Be merciful to me
Be merciful to me
Through shadow dark
And valley deep
Be merciful to me

From the garden to the cross
Thy mercy did endure
My soul purged of all dross
In blood made pure

Thy mercy Lord is true
As ever truth will be
But still I cry for you
Be merciful to me

6 responses to “Wednesday Worship: Be Merciful To Me”

  1. I loved listening in on your conversation with Bella, Angie. How perceptive Bella was, when she said the problem was that Adam and Eve listened to Satan and believed God didn’t love them! When I stop believing that God is pursuing me with his goodness and mercy in every situation of life, I fall…hard. But it’s another demonstration of how I need God’s rescue every moment. Thank you for this tender reminder. Love to you.


  2. Because they listened to Satan and they think God doesn’t love them.

    Out of the mouths of babes . . . that is truly the Lie of all lies, from the Father of Lies. Every doubt of who God is, every fear that His house is not a safe place to be — it all comes from the whisper that God doesn’t love us.

    I have believed that lie for far too long. Please give that precious child a hug and tell her I said thank you for explaining that to me.


  3. My precious Bella and her wonderful Mother,

    There is nothing like the relationship you have with your children. Bella, you are so beautiful and full of love. You are truly your Mom and Dad’s gift of grace and love.

    I love you so much,


  4. OK, you know I love this post…

    and of course, I love Caedmon’s Call too.

    Sheesh 🙂


  5. Wow … I can only pray for fresh eyes and a fresh heart to grasp the gospel as Audrey sees it.


  6. Another thing … what specifically were you reading to her?


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