Sunday Selections: Radically Different Dreams

And so we’ve bought an unbiblical definition of the good life of success. Our kids have to be skilled at three sports and play four musical instruments, and our house has to be lavish by whatever standard. And all of that stuff is eating time, eating energy, eating money. And it doesn’t promote community…

…You can’t fit God’s dream (if I can use that language) for his church inside of the American dream and have it work. It’s a radically different lifestyle. It just won’t squeeze into the available spaces of the time and energy that’s left over.

Read more from, What Hinders Community?, an interview with Paul Tripp here.

3 responses to “Sunday Selections: Radically Different Dreams”

  1. Thanks for posting that quote and the link to the website Angie; great, great article.


  2. Angie just back from vacation and catching up on my blog reading! WONDERFUL article…..I am passing it on to family and friends. We just moved into a smaller house by the town square and hubby and I walk to church and many places. We are “working” on getting rid of all our junk now. LOL


  3. Amazing article . . . I, too, will be passing it on.

    One of my pagan friends was venting some frustration toward a particular group of Christian women — her comment was “all they have are their trinkets, gizmos, and baubles”. I think my heart literally stopped at that point, because too often that is exactly what she would see if she examined my life closely.

    The world is watching, and shallow Christianity is not what they’re looking for.


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