Grateful Eyes: Spring Thankfulness

It has been far too long since I have continued my quest for living with grateful eyes… I have neglected posting my lists for The Gratitude Community, but I haven’t neglected writing them in my journals, finding that even in darkness, a grateful heart brings light. Here are my thoughts from Spring days. Summer’s list is quickly filling!

Scare games with the boys (I’m up, 7 scares to 5).

Laughing so hard you fall down

Watching Bella nurture her babies

Falling asleep to the sound of rain on the roof, thankful I have a roof over my head

Watching grass turn greener and greener

Playing Mario Kart with Bear

Learning the language of grace.

Bella’s eyebrows. That girl is so expressive!

Potty training in 3 days. Yes. She made it so easy.

Spring flowers.

Water games in the backyard.

Story-telling. They love the stories of our lives even more than story books.

2 months with no doctors!

Making pretend snow angels on the kitchen floor.

Bear’s giggle. It’s totally contagious.

Flashlight tag and flashlight microphones.

Back roads in the BMW with the sunroof open and kids squealing in delight.

Yard sales. Little boys who want to sell their toys to raise money for a gift to send to Mario (our Compassion child).

Ash’s “All About Me” report from school. His favorite class? Everything. His favorite food? Everything.


Opening curtains and greeting the world each morning. (We sing Good Morning from “Singin’ In The Rain.)

Imaginary friends. “Leenie” sleeps on the floor next to Bella and talks to her and gets her in trouble.

Dancing in the kitchen. It never gets old.

iTunes Genius. An amazing work of art.

Curling up with a good book while the children rest.

Playing board games on a rainy afternoon. Ash ALWAYS wins.

Purses, shoes and lip gloss.

Lunches with my dear friend and former discipler (she’s an Angie, too!).

Brian’s job. He has one. No matter how busy he might be, I will be thankful.

Hearing God’s whispers in the mist of chaos.

One response to “Grateful Eyes: Spring Thankfulness”

  1. 330. knowing friends are never as far away as they seem.

    loving and missing u.


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