Totally Random

There is no rhyme or reason to my days this week as we work up to our big move this weekend. So here’s a bit of my mind recently…

1. Why is it that every time I make a Genius playlist on iTunes, the Mmm Bop song from Hansen is on it? Why do I even own the Mmm Bop song from Hansen? Oh well, it’s great to dance to.

2. My kids are amazing travelers. I must brag. Saturday we left at 8:00 in the morning for our trip home from St. Louis, Louis. 16 hours later we were home (we stopped to say good-bye to Aunt Chloe, and we got caught in some major thunderstorms in the dark in the WVA mountains). Y’all, NOT. ONE. FIGHT. (And no, we didn’t let them watch 16 hours worth of movies.)

3. Playing superheroes in the car with my children will never get old. Our van? Rocket Flash. Uncle Alan? Cap’n Awesome. Bear? Mini Awesome. Bella? Mrs. Croc. Me? Dixie Cup. Daddy? The Hibernator (he was sleeping). Hours of imagination!

4. I am in love with sweet Emma Grace. So are my children. And I am longing for the every day kindred spirit of my dear Bethy. Distance is so hard.


5. The pile of boxes continues to grow, and along with it grows my stress level. Not to mention a glitch with the title to the house. A lost Social Security card. And more chances to trust that God has my days portioned out perfectly for me.

6. I am appalled and a bit mortified at just how much dirt is behind, under and inside my house and appliances. My OCD is going into overdrive. And my fatigue and pain are overwhelming. Am running on adrenaline now and waiting for the crash.

7. Baby Stellan is still in dire need of prayer. I cannot even begin to imagine. So I don’t. I just pray.

8. I am in love with the stages that my children are in right now. Ash is really starting to grasp jokes and teases me back. I love that little eye roll he gives when I am joking with him. The sound of his laughter is music.

9. I sat with B this week and cried (surprise, surprise). My Bear starts Kindergarten in 4 weeks. Of all my children, he is the one I just don’t want to grow up. He lives in such a fun world. I’m struggling with his world changing.

10. My Bella with her daddy at The Magic House in St. Louis. She didn’t find it very magical.

11. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Every day, I am choosing joy. And I am finding strength. Soli Deo Gloria.

One response to “Totally Random”

  1. Bella’s hair is hysterical!!! That is one for the rehearsal dinner, for sure. 🙂 Um…and #6… don’t wait until you crash. Stop…and rest. Please.


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