Do You Remember?

Do you remember running and jumping in sparkly puddles after a summer thunderstorm?

Do you remember how wonderful that downy bed felt after a long day hard at play?

Do you remember the smell of honeysuckle and trying to catch those drops on your tongue?

Do you remember snuggling in strong arms while thunder boomed and lightning flashed all around?

Do you remember the salty, buttery flavor of corn on the cob running down your arms?

Do you remember days at the pool, swimming until your eyes burned and your arms ached?

Do you remember play dates with friends, traipsing through yards pretending you were in a whole new world?

Do you remember bike rides and skateboarding and shooting hoops and running with the neighbor kids?

Do you remember trying to lick ice cream cones faster than they melt?

Do you remember curling up with good books under a tree while the summer breezes blew over you?

Do you remember sparklers and fireworks and barbecues and celebrations?

Do you remember staying up late to run barefoot through the yard and catch lightning bugs?

Do you remember playing games on car rides almost bursting with the anticipation of seeing the ocean?

Do you remember swinging as high as you could and thinking you were touching the sky and feeling like it would last forever?

Do you remember your summers?

I do.

I remember it every day through the eyes of my children.

And I’m so very sad it’s come to an end.

4 responses to “Do You Remember?”

  1. What a great post!!!

    Exactly how I feel. I hope they look back on it this way. I know they will πŸ™‚

    I’m sad it’s leaving too. It’s just so GOOD.


  2. Wait…I still do all those things. (Well, maybe not the traipsing through other people’s yards). πŸ™‚


  3. Love your summer post. Brings back memories of summers past and the summers to come. I miss it too.


  4. Oh yes, I remember these things. What a great post. And yes, it IS sad to see it come to an end. 😦


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