The Beautiful Torn

While coloring with Bella this weekend, she kept trying to tear her own pages out of her coloring book, each one resulting in a jagged tear through the middle. Finally, one came out easily and she colored to her heart’s content. Finding a speck of paper sticking up in the middle of it, she tried to tear it off and ended up ripping her artwork in several places.

Bringing it to me, Bella said, “I teared it.” I asked her how it happened and she showed me, then I explained to her how if she comes to Mommy I would help her so her picture wouldn’t get torn. I believe my words to her were, “It might be ruined. See, it’s all torn.” No matter how gently those words were spoken, it cut to her heart.

“But Mommy,” her eyes pooled with tears, “Even the torn is beautiful.”

I sighed, and rubbed my head between the eyes. I have caught myself rubbing that spot a lot lately. It’s that spot I rub when I am wondering how to respond. (And that spot where the deepest wrinkles are forming.)

“Oh, love,” I pulled her onto my lap. “It is still beautiful, isn’t it?”

She is so right. The torn is beautiful. The broken isn’t trash. The messy isn’t worthless. In a world where we casually toss away broken toys, torn papers, ripped clothing, what are we doing with the broken people in our life?

Are they valued? Or do we walk away from the messy? Do we throw away the relationships that are broken? Do we mend the torn or discard them as worthless?

Just some food for thought courtesy of my three-year-old. She’s good at that.

4 responses to “The Beautiful Torn”

  1. Hmm. Good food for thought…that I really needed to hear right now. Thanks for sharing.

    Love from Sarah


  2. This sort of ties in with Tim’s sermon Sunday. Do we value Creation and everything in it enough to really want to take care of it? Do we care enough to try to clean-up what we ourselves have taken advantage of? Why are we so afraid of getting messy?

    Thanks for the food for thought Bella/Angie.


  3. Avatar

    My sweet one,

    Your little girl is priceless. She has so much depth for such a little one. Kiss my little doll and tell her that I think she is beautiful, just like her Mommy.

    I love you deeply,


  4. Oooooo…I love this. This is something we should all be reminded of from time to time. And not just people, but all creation.

    She’s a wise young thing!


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