“Let The Little Children Come…”

There are moments in life that simply take your breath away. Moments that make all things fade around you. Moments that capture your heart and mind and settle over you, calming your heart and soul. Moments that you will never forget.

Last night our Bear called Brian up to his room where he had been tossing and turning, awake into the night. He wanted Daddy to put blood on the doors of our house like the Israelites did in Egypt. He thought it would make for nice decoration. (Oh, how that boy makes me laugh.)

After a long and very sweet conversation where Brian explained the whole meaning behind the blood on the door posts, our Bear prayed. “Jesus, please put the blood of the Lamb on the door of my heart.”

And today I am breathless with wonder.

The wonder of grace.

The wonder of the cross.

The wonder of faith.

And the wonder of a little child.

“…for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”


Bear’s Worship from b on Vimeo.

6 responses to ““Let The Little Children Come…””

  1. Precious indeed, friend. And “train worship”…who would’ve thunk it?


  2. Oh, Angie. Thank you for sharing you beautiful children with us! I was actually just praying for them this week…that they would all know Christ at a young age, and walk with him throughout all their lives. That he would protect them from harm and from the pain of rebellion….but also that they would always have an understanding of their sin and need for grace, and that the gospel would be continually fresh and amazing to them. It is great to see how God is working in Bear’s heart to draw him to Himself. I can tell from that video that he has grown since we last saw him, which makes me a little sad! Also, in note to one of you previous posts…I actually think it is amazing you made it so long without any of your kids saying a cuss word!!!! Give them each a hug from Miss Emily and Mr. Drew!


  3. judieyoung@hotmail.com Avatar

    Dearest Angie,

    The wisdom that has been given to this little one touches all of us. What a heart that is being molded and you get the rewards of His grace through this sweet boy.

    God Bless you,


  4. Such a sweet, sweet boy. His heart is that of someone much older, but yet so innocent.


  5. That was just the best. You’re nurturing hearts over there, and it’s a beautiful thing. God is so good.


  6. Wow. That’s really something. I agree with Rebecca…he has the heart of someone much much older and wiser.

    What a good boy.


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