What Daddies Do

“Mom?” green eyes sparkle at me, “You be the Mommy and I’ll be Daddy, because I want to grow up just like him, so I need to practice.”

Grinning at my Bear, I pause over the rolls I am slicing. “Ok. But what do daddies do?”

He runs from the room and returns with a book. “This is my Bible and I am going to read and learn all about Jesus.”

He plops himself on the rolling chair by the desk, “Now you listen while I tell you what to do.”

I laugh. “Oh, really?!” I say. “How about you tell me what it is you’re learning in your Bible?”

“Well,” he flips through the pages of his book, “I read it every day and I learn about how Jesus died on the cross. And I learn that He loves me and I love Him and He loves all the children, red and yellow, black and white, because there’s a song in my Bible.”

Smiling, I pull my quiche from the oven, “What else?”

He quizzes me, “What else, what?”

“What else are you learning?”

He grins. “All about being a daddy like Daddy. I go places with my boys and we work in the yard and I go to work every day, but I still like to play. A lot.”

He jumps down from his chair, puts his “Bible” under his arm and says, “Mom, I’m gonna go now.”

“Okay.” I wink at him as he races away. He reaches the hallway, then I hear his feet thumping back to me and feel his arms wrap around me.

“I love you, Mommy.” I kneel to circle him as he whispers, “You have to say that every day when you’re a daddy, too.”

And he’s gone, and I am left breathless, thankful for a dear boy who’s learned a lot about what daddies do from a dear man who does a lot.

9 responses to “What Daddies Do”

  1. Dear Angie,
    I have learned to NEVER sit down to read your blog site without a kleenex (or two) in my pocket!! And, this wonderful post was no exception~ What an incredibly sweet and insightful boy that Bear of yours is….


  2. That’s great! But at some point, your dear husband needs to guest post and confess some sin, ’cause the way you write about him puts the rest of us under the pile. If I didn’t know him, I’d think you’re makin’ up how great he is. But I’m so thankful it is all true. Praise the Lord.


  3. What an awesome boy and his daddy you have on your hands!


  4. Oh… My… Goodness….!!!!! How beautiful and breathtaking was that?!

    For the first thing that daddies do to be to grab a Bible and read it, only to be followed up by a “daily” kiss as he’s heading out the door….!!!

    I’d say your boy is learning well from a man who obviously exhibits the role of “daddy” in an amazing way!


  5. What a little man! His kids (and wife) are gonna be real lucky 🙂


  6. Angie, that is beyond precious!! What a witness that kids really do pick up what their daddies do!!! Praise God!


  7. Hi! I found your blog through REbecca at Feel My Love.

    This is such a dear post. I have three daughters and a son…I know my son will learn so much about being a great Daddy from his dad. HOw blessed you are to have had such a wonderful experience with your son. You must be very blessed with such a wonderful husband and children.


  8. He clearly has a wonderful role model to look up to. 🙂


  9. That is cute but very sweet that he is learning so young. It’s great that he has a father that he can learn from. Brian is a great man That is stron in his faith and has a lot of love for his family. you are a very lucky family!


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