Another Form of Craziness

She wished the foliage would work in reverse, that you could see colors most of the time, the uniform green for only a few short weeks. But who could endure such richness? Surely people would go crazy from so much beauty. Or else they’d get used to it, and then ignore it, another form of craziness.


(from E. Berg’s “Ordinary Life: A Love Story“)

4 responses to “Another Form of Craziness”

  1. Love this post. Where is this pix taken?


  2. Love that. SO true. I’m gobbling up the fall leaves right now. They just changed even though they already had…they decided to go one shade darker, richer, and they are FANTASTIC.



  3. I heart E. Berg, and I heart you! I miss fall in the Valley. Thanks for giving me a taste!


  4. My sentiments, exactly, although I’d never thought of putting it into these words. One of my most favorite places to be in the fall is where I can observe the most numerous of colorful trees; namely, the mountains, but I admit, I’d never thought of this “possible (?)” downside!


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