Brag On Him

In February, I wrote a post about my Brian, and today it’s being featured on the Blissfully Domestic blog. Malia has a weekly column called Brag on Him (Don’t Nag on Him). I’m there today… and I’m bowled over by what was happening in our life just 8 months ago. Not only is it a huge reminder of God’s faithfulness with the husband He has given me, but it’s a huge reminder of God’s faithfulness in our lives.

Check it out… again.

2 responses to “Brag On Him”

  1. Thanks for making me smile! I was just frowning because of my wet kitchen floor. But now I’ll go to bed smiling! Thanks!

    And Brian, you Rock. seriously. And I’m with: mornings just need to start 2 hours later and then I’d be a happy camper.


  2. How exciting!! Congrats on being featured!


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