“Making Peace With Halloween”

Jason Gray at The Rabbit Room wrote a thought-provoking post about Making Peace With Halloween. Here’s a taste:

…these days my guiding conviction is that my job as a co-sanctifier with Christ is to take what is broken and do my part in reclaiming it, perhaps even making it beautiful, by God’s grace. My earlier attempts of disavowing Halloween were neither redemptive nor beautiful. At best they might have been neutral, but I suspect they did more damage than good…

When the twins were little and their hands would get cold, they’d each slip them into my gloved hand to warm them up as we’d walk door to door. It’s one of my most cherished memories of all time. Then I’d stand back as they would timidly take the steps of a neighbor’s house, knock, and with little voices say “trick or treat” and then “thank you”. Taya would stay back at our house to greet trick or treaters, handing out copious amounts of candy (everyone knows us as the “gospel singing family” and she wants to build a reputation of generosity for us. Perhaps she’s also making up for the “lost years”…) Over time it has grown into a Halloween party… you see, these days I’m more interested in reclaiming things and repurposing them than I am protesting.

I love the idea of Halloween as an opportunity to share with your community, to teach generosity to your children, to get to know your neighbors better, to build relationship. I can’t wait to take our children tomorrow, to pass out huge handfuls of candy, to shine our lights bright in the darkness, and to meet the people in our new community. I used to hate Halloween, truly I did… but over the past few years, I’ve grown to love it!

Jason’t post is a long read, but well worth it!

4 responses to ““Making Peace With Halloween””

  1. Angie,
    I think it is great that you are using Halloween as a chance to reach out. And I know that Asher, Micah, and Audrey will be a blessing to everyone who has the pleasure of looking into their smiling faces as they say “Trick or Treat”


  2. I have had my ups and downs with Halloween. But learning and remembering that it is the Eve of All Saints Day in my Faith has given me cause for great joy in the day. My children enjoy dressing up and going out in our community, but they also enjoy learning about he Saints, doing All Saints plays at school, perhaps even dressing up as one of the Holy men or women of our Christian faith. It’s wonderful in so many respects and I am glad I don’t find reason for protest anymore. What a blessed day!

    Happy Halloween!


  3. For years I did different things with my 3 girls so to avoid celebrating Halloween thinking I was “super spiritual”. But then like ya’ll came to the same conclusion. I LOVE the part of NOT to protest but to repurpose the day!!!! Beautifully said! I can’t wait to take Mr. Perfect out tonight in his Lion costume and greet the kiddies at my own door. I wish your sweeties lived in my neighborhood too! 🙂 Wouldn’t that be fun!! Have a safe wonderful Halloween! Wonderful Post!


  4. I love the repurposing idea. I think most people have good and pure intentions at Halloween. Sure, it has a dark beginning and some still are so drawn to that dark side of things, but most of us just want to see our children giddy with dressed up excitement.

    We have a party at our city hall every Halloween. There are decorations and so much candy and a big screen with the Charlie Brown movie playing. It’s so much fun, such a great chance to build community. We love it. (one of the many reasons it will be bittersweet if we move from here)


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