Wednesday Worship: Immortal, Invisible

My Bear was walking through the house singing Laura Story’s Immortal, Invisible this week and I pushed back from my work to listen to him. Bear is my singer, and each day during rest time I listen to boyish voice lilting praise to his God.

How often I put God in my box, making Him like me. That is why I love this song, because it focuses on who God is and all He has done. How I long to live a lifestyle of awe and glory.
A few Sundays ago, Brian taught our Sunday School class on worship and brought it back to lifestyle… it’s cleaning house, making supper, driving carpool, rocking babies… it’s doing everything to the glory of God. So I look around every day to see God’s glory filling this home. And I long to see Him everywhere.
And I do. I see Him in an imperfect family that loves Him, seeks Him, and seeks grace in our imperfections. I see Him in the beauty of my children’s faces, the work of my husband’s hands, the breathtaking colors of creation. I see Him taking my weakness, my impossibilities, and getting me through each day. I see Him in the wonder of eyes each morning as we learn about Him together. I see Him working in the chaos to make us more like Him.
I see His glory in the mundane or I wouldn’t see Him at all, and that makes the mundane extraordinary.

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Song: Immortal, Invisible
Artist: Laura Story
Album: Great God Who Saves

Immortal, You are not are like a man
That you change your mind
or change your plan
Invisible, our human eyes can’t see
The Depths of your majesty

You’re the God of forever and ever amen
The alpha, omega, beginning and end
We sing hallelujah
We worship in awe
Immortal, invisible God

Immortal, You are not bound by death
You’re the living God, my very breath
Invisible you are not bound by space
But your glory is filling this place
Yes your glory is fill this place

Immortal yet you once died for me,
to pay my debt to set me free
Invisible you will not always be
Cause you’re coming to reign as our king
And the saints will fall down at your feet

6 responses to “Wednesday Worship: Immortal, Invisible”

  1. Such a beautiful, blessed family!


  2. It’s appropriate that Bella’s and Bri’s name mean the same thing: they look so much a like! Can’t wait to listen to this song…not sure my class would appreciate this right now.

    love u.


  3. Avatar

    My beauriful ANGIE,

    This is wonderful!!! May God’s grace, mercy and peace abound to you and your family.

    I love you my sweet one,


  4. Wonderful pictures to accompany your wonderful words. I especially love the picture of you and your husband – you’re a beautiful couple.


  5. I remember when the concept of worship being a lifestyle first became clear to me. Literally life changing! I so enjoyed these beautiful pictures!!

    Your phrase of “mundane extraordinary” reminded me of what I strive to find in my “sacred in the ordinary”.

    Lovely post…


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