Wednesday Worship: Satisfied

My friend, Kristen at No Small Thing, wrote an amazing post yesterday about motherhood. About how easy it is to look around and think, “This is it?” And to her response to that question I shout an overwhelming “Yes, Yes, YES!” This is it and this is beautiful!

She writes:

Here in this little house, I am sculpting human beings.

I am molding little hearts.

I am forming little minds.

I am responsible for the very lives of four small people.

Is their truly anything bigger than this?

Please go read it. Read it and see how beautiful a thing this life is. How we can be fully satisfied in our calling as mothers.

It made me think of Josh Bales’ song, Satisfied.

Imagine. Living every day feasting on His sufficiency and not my own. Being fully satisfied in Him. And when I am satisfied in Him, I will be satisfied with all He has called me to do. Living in grace for each day.

Song: Satisfied
Artist: Josh Bales
Album: Underneath the Armor

I’m satisfied. I’m satisfied in You. Oh, in You.

Not myself and not my sin
I would be the fool

Oh, I’m satisfied. I’m satisfied in You. Oh, in You

‘Cause You give me the means to live my life completely full.

Oh, I’m satisfied. I’m satisfied in You. Oh, in You

I’m feeding on the feast of Your sufficiency
I’m staying close to the river of grace that set me free.
It sets me free.

And you meet every need I never even knew I had
And evert minute of every hour of every single day

Oh, I’m satisfied.
I’m satisfied.
Yeah, I’m satisfied.

One response to “Wednesday Worship: Satisfied”

  1. 🙂 I am honored that you used my little writing as your starting point. You always have so much to say, and you say it so eloquently, and with such deep meaning.

    Thank you. Oh, and yes, it is SO worth it, this motherhood thing.


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