Danica Updates

Thank y’all.

Those of you who have prayed. Those of you who have written. Those of you who have encouraged Monica personally. She is feeling those prayers.

I haven’t talked with Monica yet, but I’ve been watching her facebook statuses for the past day. Here are her updates.

12:16 pm–Thank you for praying! Danica is out and uncomfortable but doing very well. The surgeon found some unusual bone growth that may have compounded the Chiari and was able to shave some of that as well as the intended bone decompression. God is good!

5:12 pm–Trying to keep our little girl comfortable with the pain meds–her pain has increased as the day wears on. They moved a big bed in so I can actually lay with her–HUGE difference from trying to sit in a chair and snuggle and the iron cage they call a cribby. PeePaw and KeeWee are bringing me some food soon. We’ve already been through 4 DVDs since Nick Jr. went off the air. Gotta love Dora and Thomas!

4:20 am–Mommy is officially more than 24 hours without sleep. PICU was overflowing so they moved us to same level of care in a room on the 3rd floor in the middle of the night. Danica’s dressing is saturated and bleeding but it’s too soon to change. She is a mess. Once again I must do the thing I think I cannot do. Pray for strength and healing!

She wrote me separately, and told me how exhausted she is, how Danica’s incision is oozing, how her poor baby is a wreck. “It gets worse before it gets better, right?” she wrote.

Please, keep praying. Pray that the “worse” is over and the “better” can begin.

You bless me by loving my friends this way.

One response to “Danica Updates”

  1. judieyoung@hotmail.com Avatar

    My dear Angie,

    I have been praying that they can count this ALL JOY, their faith is being tested and they will see that He is causing this to work together for their good. Also, that the eyes of their understanding be enlightened that they may know to this hope they have been called.

    Love and blessings,


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