Believing: Day 9

In wintry whiteness with its clingy softness outlining every branch and twig, revealing even more of our Creator’s intricate designs.
It is glorious.

4 responses to “Believing: Day 9”

  1. The beauty of snow sticking to the trees, and snow in general, is a way that the Spirit uses to draw my heart immediately into worship. Like no other way, really, I don’t think. Maybe it’s the quietness, the other worldliness…


  2. wow. it’s beautiful.


  3. Melissa Bruining Teeter Avatar
    Melissa Bruining Teeter

    Beautiful. I love Maretta’s comment, and I agree. I think it is the stillness and the quiet that allows us to stop and wonder. Enjoy the snow!!


  4. I too love Maretta’s comment.

    The photos are beautiful. Yes, SO GLORIOUS.


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