Believing: Day 12

In the allurement of play.
No matter how tired I am or how discouraged I feel, I cannot step into their worlds without finding a comfortable respite in play.

Perhaps it’s because I can escape from how hard life is, from how exhausted I am, from how much pain I continue to walk through.

Or perhaps it’s because I love them so much that my heart grows larger every moment I am with them.

Or perhaps it’s just because playing together is a balm for the soul, an opportunity to see the world through their eyes.
It truly is magical.

6 responses to “Believing: Day 12”

  1. SO true! What amazing photos. Makes me want to play in the snow! (I’ll probably get the chance…we’re expecting a big storm here in the Minnesota – YIKES)


  2. Avatar

    My sweet family,

    You are so beautiful. I am so thankful to God to have such a precious family, the family of God, flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone.

    Grace to you,


  3. So true. Don’t you wish we could bottle this magic up and save it for later?


  4. Your pictures and sweet words make me almost want more snow – almost…

    You are looking so well Angie, praying for well-feeling for you too!


  5. …still praying for you friend. and those cutie-pa-tutties (brian too). Love you and miss you.


  6. These pictures captured so much more than just play. They truly capture… well… magic indeed! Beautiful!


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