Believing: Day 14

In the power of true friendship.

Over the past two weeks I’ve had the joy of sharing time with two of my dearests.

Two days with my college friend, Marni, and her family over Thanksgiving helped ease a lot of the struggle of how different the holidays were. As the 8 of us crammed into our van to drive around for 2 hours and look at Christmas lights, I thought to myself, “I cannot think of any other family we would do this with.” We laughed and shared and watched our children play… and I thought about all those days in college when Marn and I laughed and shared and dreamed about watching our children play. Always in love with music, she and I have shared our love for the 80’s and dancing over the years. And she hears the song in my heart.

Then there was my Monica (whose Danica is doing very well–thanks to all who prayed). She works (telecommutes) with Brian, and was able to fly in for the company’s Christmas party to which we had both brought nearly identical outfits to wear. We picked her up from the airport, rushed to a hotel to get ready, partied, then got up at 4:30 to drive her back to the airport, grabbing every second we could to talk. As I sat with her and listened to her share her life, I remembered that day when she was 5 and I was 8. We both can keenly remember the moment we met. It was an instantaneous friendship that has weathered so much more than we ever thought life would hold. She knows my heart’s melodies, sung to the strains of poetry and beautiful prose.
The beauty of them both is how they know me so well. They sing the tunes of my heart when I have forgotten the words.

4 responses to “Believing: Day 14”

  1. That picture of you and Marni is too cute!!!!


  2. Friends are true gems in life to truly be treasured. So thankful and happy for you that you had this time!!!


  3. “Intimacy between friends involves a non dominant love, as well as vulnerability. With a true friend we can share the deepest places of our hearts, the dark as well as the light. I have friends whose secrets will go to the grave with me, as mine with them. We listen, we share, we laugh, we accept. We seldom give advice, and when we do it is for love, not power. We play together, and this is a special delight for me in my mid-seventies, to have friends with whom I can play with the enthusiasm and whole-heartedness of a child.”
    – Madeleine L’Engle, Penguins and Golden Calves

    I love you true friend. What a blessing to not only share the deep places of our hearts full of so much serious life but also still be able to play together like children! It was such a gift to spend time with you!


  4. Love your last line. It’s so true. There’s nothing like having those friends who know us better than we know ourselves 🙂


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