Believing: Day 15

In the beauty of motherhood.

Last week, while we were away for Bri’s Christmas party, he decided he needed to work up in DC the next day which left my plans for Thursday shattered. Instead, I spent a lovely day with yet another college friend, Kelly, whose husband works with Bri.

Can I just tell you how wonderful it was?!

I spent the day catching up, reading with (or rather being read to by) her oldest son before school, snuggling her two little boys, walking to the bus stop, eating pizza, and sharing our hearts. Kelly and I have always shared a delight in being mommies, and it was so refreshing to spend hours telling stories, laughing, encouraging, dreaming about and enjoying motherhood together.

Holding her youngest about did me in, and poor Brian had to listen to me belly-ache about how much I wanted another one on the way home. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for that part of it. I thought I had accepted it, the ragged ache of hearing the doctor tell me “no more”. I guess the truth is, I have accepted it, but acceptance doesn’t mean absence of pain. It means bowing in submission and enjoying what I have rather than lamenting what I don’t have.

Spending time with Kelly was such a blessing, and it was so good to be with her. It only confirmed again what I have known for years…

…that motherhood is a gift. A commitment. Not a sacrifice. Sacrifice is part of that commitment, yes, but being a parent isn’t about my comfort or my ease. And if all I focus on is the sacrifice, then it becomes about me, and my perspective is skewed. Rather it’s about the choice we’ve made to have children, to love children, to raise children, to parent children. It’s a joyous commitment.

I have so many gifts in my life… one of which is friends like Kelly who share my sentiments. Who spur me on to be a better mother. Who remind me of what’s important. Who share my mommy’s heart.

Motherhood is a wonderful gift.

(So are spontaneous visits with old friends.)

One response to “Believing: Day 15”

  1. Awwwww, Angie! It was so fun being with you too! I’m so glad that Brian had to work all day! šŸ™‚


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