Believing: Day 17

That we will eventually get a Christmas card picture…

Beware of strangers with really nice cameras.

They may not be really nice photographers.

4 responses to “Believing: Day 17”

  1. THAT is hilarious! And that non-blurry one would have been PERFECT if only your B’s head wasn’t cut off! 🙂


  2. This makes me laugh out loud!!! LOVE you!


  3. So funny! I agree with Heather of the EO – the non-blurry one would’ve been great, if B was just a few inches shorter!


  4. Take comfort in knowing that you are at least one step ahead of me! I have yet to even get the family all ready, gathered and sitting in one place when someone else is available to even make an attempt at snapping a picture for us. 🙂


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