Believing: Day 22

That we would live a little differently if we viewed life through the eyes of a child.

The last few days have truly been magical as the skies opened and dropped a foot and a half of snow onto us, and we have played together, laughed together, worked together and just enjoyed being together. Brian, always looking for reasons to drive his truck, picked up our friends, Drew & Emily, and brought them over for a brunch yesterday. They were on their way to Drew’s parents’ and ended up not being able to make the rest of the trip home, so we had their unexpected and delightful stay overnight last night. It has been a weekend of cuddling, reading books, watching movies, yummy foods, wrapping presents, watching snow fall through frosty panes, snow jumping and late night talks with old friends. It was perfect!

As I was looking through the boys’ backpacks from school, I sorted through Asher’s school work and found a sheet of paper where he was obviously supposed to write about something he liked.

This is what I found.


My eyes filled with tears as I thought about this dear boy who lives life with an enthusiasm and joy that are unmistakable. If only I could capture his heart and fill the world with it!

A heart of true joy in the life he’s been given.

What a way to top off a perfect weekend!

One response to “Believing: Day 22”

  1. There’s nothing like an unexpected snowing in to make it very clear just what’s important!


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