Believing: Day 23

That He came.

Over the last two days I have received overwhelming and heartbreaking news in the lives of two separate friends. And I have wept. I have shouted. I have punched the leather seats of the car in my frustration. I have shaken my head. I have had to explain to my children. I have lain awake and cried and prayed and struggled.

I’m struggling, and I know they are, too… far more than I.

Because it doesn’t feel like a merry Christmas. It feels awful. heavy. hard.

And I have remembered.

He came so we might have life…
Even in the midst of death.

He came to be near to the broken-hearted…
Even when the pain swallows and steals our very breath.

He came so that death might be defeated…
Even when we feel we cannot bear the weight of its load.

He came to be the Light in darkness…
Darkness that covers and invades our being.

He came. And one day it will all be okay.
But one day feels very far away.

He came so that we might have hope…
In a world that seems hopeless some days.

He came.


He came.

3 responses to “Believing: Day 23”

  1. Jessie Gilmartin Avatar
    Jessie Gilmartin

    Amen my dear friend!! What would we do without the hope of Jesus in our dark times!


  2. We share in the heartache and burden of your dear friends and we are so thankful that He came for all of the reasons you haves stated.

    Dad and Mom


  3. I am so sorry to hear this Angie. I don’t know their burdens, but my hope for them is peace.

    Take good care Angie!


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