“Living Hope”

“It is a strange feeling to watch a health professional hook bags of poison up to your child knowing that it is the only thing that can save him.”

Right before we left for our trip to Arizona, we received heart breaking news that some dear friends have begun this cancer battle. Only it’s with their two-year-old son, Andrew. I cannot stop thinking about them or praying for them, and I’m asking y’all to please pray, too.

Rick and Jessie, their little guy and their other 3 children are walking through a nightmare right now. They have entered a world of clinging to truth when all you want to do is scream, “Why?!” Their world has stopped, yet the world around them keeps moving. It’s that point in time where you want to ask everyone and everything to stop, too… to wait for you to catch your breath and catch up. Only there’s no catching your breath as doctors and nurses tell you where to be and when to be and you just do it. You do it because you have to and will fight. For them, it’s fighting for the life of their child. They are walking through unanswered questions and a terrifying unknown every day.

Andrew has been diagnosed with a neuroblastoma in his lung, which thankfully has not spread into his bones or other organs. He began chemo last week and they are taking it one day at a time. But in order to take their daily steps, they need strength. And I’ve seen it. I’ve read it in Rick and Jessie’s words on their blog. I’ve heard it in Jessie’s voice over the phone. I’ve seen it in Rick’s eyes as we talked this week. They are not doing it on their own. God is so clearly with them and carrying them, and he’s using a lot of people to do it.

Will you join me in praying for them? Their blog is an amazing picture of glorifying God in pain. They are trusting and clinging.

Will you help them cling by lifting them up?

I am humbled by how y’all have blessed me through your prayers. Will you bless my friends as well?

Rick writes:

…What I mean is that when all hell breaks loose in your life, you finally realize that what you really have been longing for is a world remade. I guess that is why faith in Christ is such a comfort in the midst of this. It isn’t because Jesus promises escape from the pain of the world… he didn’t try to escape it and doesn’t promise to take his followers from it. It is because he promises to come and renew the world, to remake it without futility, without death, without disease, without strife, without painful relationships, without unrealized longings, without tears. Our faith sustains us not because we have an assurance that Andrew will be healed but because we have an assurance that this disease will not have the last word, that even death is not the final equalizer that it claims. There will be a day when even death turns backwards because there has been a day when it did, when Jesus turned even death inside out.

Cycle 1, Day 1 complete. Andrew is sleeping soundly. We are still clinging to Jesus. You decide which is the greater miracle.

You can follow their blog, Living Hope, here.

3 responses to ““Living Hope””

  1. Since you called me that day last month I have been praying . . . As a momma who has clung to Jesus with her child in the balance and has witnessed His miracles of healing in my heart and life and in her body I will continue to fervently pray. He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ask or think!


  2. I’m praying tonight. love to your friends.


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