Feeling Like A Queen

In my last post, I wrote about Bear’s party. He was full of ideas and suggestions and as we shopped for supplies, he piped up, “Hey, Mom, I know! Since you and Daddy are the king and queen, all the other parents that come can be your servants and serve the food and you can just sit.”

I laughed. Hmmm. Think I like that idea.

I chewed on that one while we wandered the store, and I realized–they are. All those other parents. They are serving Brian and me on a daily basis. They have been since the beginning of the school year.

Carpools and play dates and cleaning my house and helping fill gaps when I can’t be in the classroom, all without asking. They just do.

I am overwhelmed by how amazing our boys’ school is, not just on an academic level, but on a personal level, too.

I am getting ready to undergo some more medical testing/follow-up. Some not fun medical testing/follow-up. I am already feeling the effects of going off medications. I am exhausted and overwhelmed and scared and living in a limbo-land right now.

Last week, a friend set up meal planning for 6 weeks for our family. Within 3 days, over half the slots were filled with parents from the school. And I sat at my computer and cried for how God is providing for us through people who not only love us but love our children and want what’s best for them.

I certainly don’t feel like a queen, but they pretty much treat me like one.

It is humbling to be served so well.

2 responses to “Feeling Like A Queen”

  1. 🙂 this makes me happy. i sat and cried this afternoon though, b/c i would give anything to live near you and physically be able to BE there for you. Loving you from afar.


  2. And to think, all of those people serving you in that way are being a blessing to me as well. To know you are being cared for in such a way blesses me as I sit here wishing I could be so much closer to be a part!

    Continuing to pray friend…


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