One of the Bestest Days God Made

Today is one of my most bestest, favoritest days in the whole world!

It’s a day of celebration of not one, but two of the best gifts I have ever been given.

My daddy and my pappy (mom’s daddy) were both born on this day, and y’all, there aren’t enough words in my vocabulary to tell you how much I love them both.

You want to know my favorite memory of them both?

Every morning they sit with coffee and their Bible and they just love their Jesus. (I honestly can’t remember a morning when I was with them that they didn’t have their Bible in their hands.)

That, my friends, is the best legacy I have….

Because I can’t sit here and write about how much I love them both without sobbing, here’s a reposting of a tribute to my Daddy (I’ll post one about Pappy tomorrow):


The day after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, there was a knock at our front door. I opened it to see the beloved face of my father, eyes full of tears. “I just had to see you.” he said, throat knotted with emotion. And I threw myself into the arms that have held me so many times before as I cried. My daddy.

A few weeks ago I sat next to my husband during Sunday School. Tim told us to turn to the person next to us and tell them about someone we knew that embodied humility. Who was the first person to come to your mind? I shared my thoughts with Brian, then asked him who he had thought of. He smiled and bluntly said, “Your dad.” My eyes filled with tears as I thought about the respect he shared with me. My daddy.

Two years ago I watched him hold his only granddaughter in his arms. Four years ago it was his fifth grandson. Six years ago it was his fourth, and my first child. Each time he gazed in wonder moved to tears. He revels in his grandchildren, never complaining when they ask him to play. Building snowmen, reading books tirelessly, splashing in the ocean, pushing them in the swing. My daddy, a grandaddy.

Every year we go to the beach with my family, and every year he cares for my Pap, his father-in-law, as if Pap was his own father. Every year he takes the boys out crab-hunting with flashlights on the cool evening sand. Every year he buys donuts one morning as a treat, because, well, that’s his favorite. We splash in the pool, ride waves in the ocean, go for walks on the sandy beaches, we play games, we laugh, we love. Every year I watch him sit on the balcony with his Bible and his coffee, drinking in the ocean’s beauty along with the beauty of His Lord. My daddy.

Years ago he stood beside me, never more handsome, in a tux. The dazzle of my white gown found competition with the glitter of tears in his eyes. We stood in the foyer, strains of music washing over us as we waited. His strong hand clasped over mine, a whispered, “I love you.” And I melted, “Don’t say that now!” I laughed through my tears. He gave me away. One of the hardest things he’s done in his life. My daddy.

We sat on the daybed in my room. Bare walls, empty frames, closet filled with boxes rather than clothes. “I miss you so much.” I cried. He cried with me. “I miss you, too.” College had taken me through my own steps of independence, and he pushed me out the door, knowing I had to grow up, but agonizing with my every step. My daddy.

He was always my biggest cheerleader. I could write pages of memories… singing harmonies with him at the piano, playing games around our kitchen table, watching The Muppet Show every Saturday night while eating pizza, laughing together at my mother’s antics, game nights, reading books together, etc. He was diligent around the home, working tirelessly on home repairs and yardwork, a good steward of the gifts he was given. A quiet man, he never showed the effects of a dysfunctional family life as a child, and I remember my surprise when he shared just how difficult his childhood was. My daddy.

He is admired by his peers, respected; his wisdom sought after. He is someone that I can go to for advice still. And I do. We have sat together night after night during their stays here recently, sharing our hearts and struggles. We sit close, my head on his shoulder. It’s a familiar pose. My daddy.

As a child, he was always my hero.

My daddy.

Some things never change.

(originally posted June 14th, 2008)


6 responses to “One of the Bestest Days God Made”

  1. Rejoicing, with you, over your daddy.


  2. What a precious gift the Lord has given you… a tangible expression of Himself to care for His beloved daughter…

    Love you!


  3. Happy Birthday to both your Daddy and your Pappy. What a blessed relationship you have with your Dad, clearly touched by God’s own hand.


  4. Avatar

    Happy Birthday to the ones, whose devotion to Christ,who has lifted you out of many hard times. May the God of hope fill them with joy and peace in believing that they may dwell in hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    You are blessed to have this example to look back on, one I would have loved to have had.

    Love and blessings


  5. What a really wonderful post. I loved the stories…the memories. You are blessed (I know you know!) to have him.

    Happy birthday to you Daddy.


  6. Angie, how do you do it EVERY TIME…your posts bring tears to my eyes EVERY TIME!!! What a special daddy you have! Your description of him reminds me SO much of Chris’ dad! What blessings we have been given!


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