Another God Sighting…

… for those of you who have been praying, we sold our woodstove today for our asking price.

Now Bri is rubbing his hands gleefully as he plans to replace it with one that will work for us. And I am rubbing my hands gleefully in anticipation of the warmth (and to create friction because my fingers are so numb). Now if only I can get up enough nerve to go near it… apparently watching a near neighbor’s house burn in a chimney fire as a kid has left a lot of fear; however, this no meds thing has me so frozen that I don’t think it’ll take me too long.

Thank you for praying. God chose to say, “Yes.”

Yes, I cried, and I really, really wanted to get up and dance, but I was too tired.

6 responses to “Another God Sighting…”

  1. God made me smile with this … and you made me laugh. Celebrating with you.


  2. Praise God!! Warmth in your house, yea!

    Much love to help keep you warm! It’s snowing!!


  3. There really is no warmth quite like a wood stove. Pull up a comfy chair, wrap your hands around a hot drink…


  4. WHOO HOO! Rejoicing with you. Trusting and praying you will be warm throughout…mind, soul, body and spirit!


  5. Avatar

    My sweet one,

    This is wonderful!!! Praise God!!

    I love you,


  6. Dancing for you!

    My mom and dad have two woodstoves. Seriously, the heat those things put out is incredible. Warm, beautiful, wonderful. I hope you can enjoy it.



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