May I Introduce You to…

… the Good Doctor.


I’ve written often on my blog about my dear friend, Natalie. She’s written on my blog several times as a Guest Blogger. She’s dropped in on me with her surprise visits. She’s walked into my world and played with my children, running through sprinklers unexpectedly and having to borrow my clothes while hers dried off. She’s played countless hours of online Scrabble with me when I was unable to do much more than curl up. She’s shared her struggles and sadness with me overcoming fear that authenticity would scare me away. She’s been mistaken for my sister, and I often wish she really were (we share our italian heritage, but better yet, we also share our Jesus heritage… I suppose I can live with that). She’s is kind and compassionate, brave and not afraid to try new things. She’s not afraid to laugh at herself, and knows the value of true friendship. She’s sent me emailed videos of her just talking to me so I would laugh. She’s sent me cards in the mail. She’s brought our whole family up to her family’s Jersey Shore beach house for a weekend away. She’s loved me in my messiness. She has loved me so very well.


And y’all… she did all that while she was in PT school. And today around 10:30 if you could be a fly on the wall in our house, you will find me sequestered in my room weeping crocodile sized tears of joy and pride while I watch her graduate on line.

And from now on y’all will all be able to call her Dr. Nat; however, she informed me on facebook this morning that she’d still just rather be called Nat.

Did I mention she’s humble?

I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Would y’all take a moment to congratulate her? She deserves it!

3 responses to “May I Introduce You to…”

  1. Natalie! It has been years but I can still hear your voice and laughter from days at youth group. Congratulations! Surviving and succeeding in PT school to come out as a doctor is no small task. Way to go!


  2. Congratulations to your friend. You must be so proud of her!!


  3. May I just comment, that humidity and my hair are not friend. Angie on the other hand, is a GREAT friend! Thanks for the nice words friend, I truly appreciate it.


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