I Wish You Could Have Seen Their Faces…

…when we told our children their mommy is CANCER FREE!

And I wish I could see your faces as I tell y’all thank you for your prayers and encouragement. You have no idea how this bloggy world has held me up through so much.

Soli Deo Gloria
To God Alone Be Glory

(Will post more soon to update you on where we go from here, because while the cancer is gone, there is a very long road of recovery ahead… but we won’t think about that today. Today we’re going to CELEBRATE.)

19 responses to “I Wish You Could Have Seen Their Faces…”

  1. I am rarely moved to tears of joy from an online source. However, this did it.

    Thank God, Angie. I am so very very happy for you.

    Now, let’s plan that meeting soon!!!


  2. I second what Kristen said!! Praise God this is the BEST news I could have received today!


  3. Angie-that is AWESOME!! I’ve been anxiously checking your blog this afternoon and my heart leapt as soon as I saw CANCER FREE pop up. So incredibly thankful that you get to celebrate tonight:)


  4. So happy for you and your family. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers all day. I will continue praying!


  5. Thank God! I am so happy for you, for your family. Do celebrate. Do shout it from the mountain. Hugs!!!


  6. Oh my far away friend…

    How I am rejoicing for you! Such amazing good news!!! Celebrate well…celebrate indeed!


  7. Oh Angie!!!!!! What an incredible answer to prayer. Today we prayed that your family could celebrate tonight. I hope you got your pizza 🙂


  8. Elizabeth Kramer Avatar
    Elizabeth Kramer

    So excited to see this post! And so thrilled for you all! I will continue praying!


  9. Praise the LORD!!!! aww. what an awesome answer to prayer!!! we are celebrating with you 🙂


  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS, today is a great day(o:


  11. Rejoicing with you today!


  12. aaaaaaaaahhhhhh mee too! sitting in tears with a big smile! What wonderful news!


  13. chills chills chills and tears! I email subscribe to your posts and they come a day late to my inbox. I don’t know why I’m saying that, except for that’s why I’m late to the party! Oh how He loves us! Love you!


  14. Rebecca at Feel My Love posted about this and I have to say that this is so wonderful. Congratulations! Soli Deo Gloria indeed.


  15. Oh my friend, rejoicing on the West Coast in your honor. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

    I stepped away from the computer for a few days but my praying continued. Beyond amazing to see how God has been continuing to move and work in the meantime…

    {HUGS} and more {HUGS}


  16. judieyoung@hotmail.com Avatar

    My precious one,

    To God be the glory!!!! He has answered us and had done exceedingly abundantly to what we could ever expect or imagine according to the power that works in us mightly through Jesus Christ

    I am so grateful to Him that He has delivered you and will continually deliver you and uphold you in His strong right hand. I rejoice with you and give Him all the thanks.

    My sweet one, I love you dearly. What a victorious journey we have traveled. If God be for us, who can be against us?

    Love and blessings,


  17. Emily Massengill Avatar
    Emily Massengill

    Praise God!! So happy to hear your great news!


  18. Angie and Brian (and the three wee ones),

    We are so enormously grateful to our Holy Lord who is so full of grace to hear our prayers for all of you and agree that you should be healed! I wish I could adequately express how much your testimony has strengthened my faith and resolve, brightened my day each time I read your blog, and encouraged me to get quiet and talk with Him.

    We look forward to many more years of grins, guffaws, cheers and tears as we peek into your family’s life and wonderful walk with God.

    Indeed, all praise and honor and glory to God!

    Congratulations! To all five of you!

    With love and gratitude,
    D & J in Richmond


  19. I wish you could see my face too……grinning ear to ear with a tear or two of pure joy! Thank you Lord! Hugs to you! Go Celebrate!!!! 🙂


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