This Day

Happy birthday to my wonderful man… my family man.

May you live all the days of your life.
– Jonathan Swift

Family Man from b on Vimeo.

4 responses to “This Day”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Family Man! So thrilled to see the journey since you gave up the Mustang….and ended up with a Jeep. 😉

    Thanks mama for the montage. What a happy 10 minutes of my life. Praying for you both and your brood through joyfully misty eyes.

    Much love, Scott


  2. Happy Birthday to your family man! What a great video montage…I bet it was so much fun to put it together. Love the songs too.


  3. AWESOME! You can totally feel all the love in that family of yours. 🙂 You did an incredible job on that!


  4. Beautiful family! Happy Birthday to your Family Man!


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