Scary Dreams

“Mommy?” she whispered, trying to climb in our big bed.

I rolled over and pulled her in, snuggling her in between us, breathing in the scent of freshly washed hair. “Mmmmm?”

“I had a scawy dweam.”

I opened my eyes and saw her big brown ones staring at my face, desperate.

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

She nodded, pulling her Digger Dog close, “I was at chuhch (church) and I was wearing my pwetty dwess. Then I fell in the duht (dirt) and my dwess got all duhty.”

Tears filled her eyes.

“Then what happened?” I waited for the scary part.

“That’s all, Mommy. That was my scawy dweam.”

Yep. We’re raising a diva.

We’re doomed.

5 responses to “Scary Dreams”

  1. Oh bless her heart. Poor thing getting all dirty. I love her and u.


  2. That is pretty darn cute. I have a diva too…I can only imagine what other drama will come our way.


  3. *grin* I’m sorry to hear it scared her though. Sweet little thing…


  4. Avatar

    My sweet little Audrey,

    What a precious Mom you have. You are just like her. Sweetie, you are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love you my little doll.

    Love and blessings,


  5. Oh no! Another one! Your diva from the third coast sends all her love……..

    Hang in there!


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