Shout Out!

Okay, so I have started about 15 blog posts this weekend, some in my mind, some as drafts… but you won’t get one today, because today I just have to give a shout out to my in-laws. Do you know what they are doing right now?

Of course you don’t. Sorry. Silly question.

Any guesses?

Okay… I won’t make you wait any longer.

They are teaching dance on a cruise ship in the Mexican Riviera.

How cool is that?

I mean, come on.

That. is. awesome.

(And I’m only a teensy bit jealous.)

3 responses to “Shout Out!”

  1. Cool. Go Mrs and Mr. D. Bet you could show those contestants on “Dancing with a Stars” a thing or two. Enjoy.


  2. That is pretty darn cool. I hope I am as adventurous in my retired life. Will they share pictures with you?


  3. Wow – that is awesome!


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