Wednesday Worship: All Will Fade Away

Piper once asked the question that if we could have heaven with all the things we talk about being free from… pain, suffering, tears. If we could have heaven with our friends and family and joys. But if Jesus wasn’t there, would we still want it? At least that’s my paraphrase. And I have chewed on that thought over and over and over.

Y’all, Jesus is what it’s all about. Yes, there will be freedom from sin and pain and death and that will be wonderful. Yes, I will be with friends and family and experience complete and utter joy, and that will be wonderful. But none of it, NONE of it would have meaning without Christ’s presence, because He is the One Who brings freedom and joy and relationship.

Heaven isn’t just an escape. It’s not about getting away from here.

It’s about getting caught up with Him. It’s about home.

There is so much hope in our suffering.

There is Jesus. And when we see Him, it will all fade away. Widgets

Song: All Will Fade Away
Artist: Meredith Andrews
Album: As Long As It Takes (c) 2010

In this world we will struggle
But You have overcome the world
In this life we will stumble
But our future is secure

There is hope in suffering
There is life beyond what we see

All of this will disappear
We are strangers here
We are strangers here
We will see You face to face
And all will fade away
Yes, all will fade away

Our moments are fleeting
Every breath could be our last
These things that we’re holding
Will only wither like the grass

There’s no end of time with You
No treasure here compares to You

Caught up, caught up with You my Jesus
Caught up caught up with You forever
In love in love with You my Jesus
In love in love with You forever

2 responses to “Wednesday Worship: All Will Fade Away”

  1. Avatar

    My sweet one,

    Beautifully said. To God be the glory. For what we see dimly now, we shall soon see face to face, and the best of all, we will be like Him when we see Him.

    Praise be to His name, our name is written in the Lamb’s book of life.

    Love and blessings,


  2. I love the last stanza of the song: what amazing truths that can only be sung from a heart that truly and deeply is in love in love with Jesus. To sing that when we are face to face with Jesus: nothing else could compare.

    Love you friend, I miss you so much.


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