Moonless Seas

“All along, let us remember,
we are not asked to understand,
but simply to obey…
‘And only Heaven is better
than to walk with Christ at midnight,
over moonless seas–‘
I couldn’t feel frightened then.
Praise Him for the moonless seas–
all the better the opportunity
for proving Him to be indeed the El Shaddai,
‘the God who is Enough.’”
(~Amy Carmichael)

2 responses to “Moonless Seas”

  1. Angie – I don’t even know how to pray for you. But you are so on my heart and I am praying. So. Much.
    I am lifting your name to the One who always… hears your groaning, remembers His covenant of love with you, looks on (watches over) you and is concerned about you (Ex. 2:24) Hears, remembers, looks and is concerned…
    And wishing so badly I knew how to pray but trusting that the Spirit intercedes for you and I with groans that words cannot express.
    With love always, from afar,




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