What if…?


What if you slept?
And what if in your sleep you dreamed?
And what if in your dream, you went
to Heaven and there plucked a strange
and beautiful flower?
And what if, when you woke, you
had the flower in your hand?
Ah! What then?

(~Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

I am so very, very blessed!
I am here. I am with them.
I could not ask for more.

3 responses to “What if…?”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Angie!! Enjoy your day with your gorgeous bunch!


  2. Happy Mother’s day! Beautiful pictures–especially the black and white one! I am partial to black and white, did you know?

    I hope your day was absolutely everything you deserve, which is a LOT!


  3. judieyoung@hotmail.com Avatar


    Absolutely adorable. Just like their Mom and Dad.



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