Please Don’t Wait

On Monday we went to the memorial and wake for the daughter of friends… a 2-month-old who died of heart failure last week. It has been heart-wrenching, and Bri and I have grieved deeply.

At her wake, Baby G’s father stood to toast. Arm wrapped around his wife who held their other daughter of 2 years, he said, “Go home and tell your children they are wonderful. Tell them every day.”

I looked across the table at my Brian and saw the tears which mirrored my own. We must never forget to hold them loosely. And we must never forget to tell them we love them. And we must never forget to give them back to God every day. And we must never forget to tell them how wonderful they are.

As I looked at my Bri, I realized again how he needs to hear it. And my parents need to hear it. And my family members need to hear it. And my friends need to hear it. They all need to hear how important and special and loved they are.

So all I want to ask today is this.

Have you told them today?

Have you told your loved ones how wonderful they are?

Please don’t wait until tomorrow.

7 responses to “Please Don’t Wait”

  1. Amen. After these weeks I’ve had with my oldest where we’re at each other, you’re so right, there are no guarantees. I’m going to bear hug him and won’t he be embarrassed? Secretly I think he still enjoys it.


  2. Angie….you are wonderful inside and out. I mean that. I am so thankful for your friendship and for the love of your family 🙂


  3. I love you, friend.


  4. The thought of facing something like this takes my breath away. It brings so much into perspective without much effort. Extra hugs and kisses have been going around here too.

    I so appreciate you friend! Much love to you… and continued prayers.


  5. Avatar

    Dearest Angie,

    I tell my children everyday that I love them. They are a blessing to my life. Also, my sweet one, your family is very special to me. I love you dearly.

    Love and blessings,


  6. Hi Angie. I’m just kinda blog surfing to see what is out there and going on in real life, beyond our little world. It helps. So I stopped by here and saw your post. Myers will be pleased to know you were struck by that and passed the word on. It honors our sweet Gwenyth and sweet Marie that chords should be struck in peoples hearts to “hold them loosly…and tell them how wonderful they are.” Myers and I are blessed that we had so many wonderful moments with Gwen and on her last day, she smiled at us (mostly Myers but I tried to get in on it) and reflected the most light and free little spirit who lived in her moment and with that smile told us she loved us too. Could God have blessed us more? I really don’t think so. And he didn’t need to – even if we never got that smile, we loved her and were blessed just to love her. But, I’m going away from what I wanted to say…which is thank you for sharing that moment and passing on the message so beautifully.

    Pray that we can stand strong as we hear what the docs. tell us their findings. We don’t know what happened – we don’t know if it was her heart or an infection, or what. She really wasn’t that bad, nothing alarmed us at all, of the path she was on, until we had been at RMH for a while and she started to turn…the last thing I did was hold her in warm blankets and try to get her to nurse, she wanted to…but she couldn’t. It is a hard memory to hold.

    We are okay. I have no qualms with God and I’m grateful beyond words that He is all He is- and that his peace is standing right there for me to choose it. So that is good. But pain is pain and it hurts – a lot. But we are okay.


  7. My heart breaks for them Angie! I am praying for them. So VERY, VERY hard!


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