Sunday Selections: “Describing the Indescribable”

A friend recently sent me a link to an article called Describing the Indescribable. (The poem is a link within a link, so be sure to read the article, then download the poem.)

It’s a wonderful piece written by Dr. David P. Murray, and it describes the darkness of depression and the way it immobilizes you, but it describes the joy that comes with freedom from depression, too. Being a melancholy, I’ve always had a pessimistic and sadder bent to my life, feeling everything deeply. But I had never experienced a darkness so profound as I did recently when I underwent test upon test upon test exacerbating fear upon fear upon fear. Going off my life-giving thyroid medication (a necessary part of the testing) impacts emotional centers, and the depression that came over me made even breathing difficult at times.

This poem gives words to my experience in way I cannot. I hope it will encourage those of you who may be struggling with depression. I hope it will make those of you who don’t struggle with depression more aware of what it is and how it impacts. And I hope it encourages us all to encourage one another.

As my friend wrote when he sent the link:

“I weep because I need someone else to give words to my experience.
I rejoice because someone else can give words to my experience.”

4 responses to “Sunday Selections: “Describing the Indescribable””

  1. “I weep because I need someone else to give words to my experience. I rejoice because someone else can give words to my experience.”

    Exactly! I have felt that way so many times but as it relates to blogging, so often, finding another’s words relate to my life is all it takes to make things easier.

    Thank-you friend, for putting this into words for me.


  2. You know how this speaks to my heart. You speak to my heart. 🙂 Miss you soooo much.


  3. It always feels comforting when someone else knows what we feel.

    I don’t think people know how to relate to, react to, encourage, etc., a person with depression. We worry, we think about, we are awkward and clumsy with our words and our actions, we just don’t know what to do.

    But we think about those we love with this life-sucking depression, and we pray.


  4. Avatar

    Dearest Angie,

    You are in my prayers often. It is times such as these that drive us to Him, looking unto Christ the author and finisher of our faith.

    Love and blessings,


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