Just Us

“Hey, Bella Boo, you ready to go pick up the boys?”

“Just you and me, Mommy?”

“Yep, just some cute girl and me.”

“Just this cute girl and you, Mommy?”

“Yep, just some beautiful girl and me.”

“Just this beautiful girl and you, Mommy?”

“Yes, baby girl, just us.”

“Oh, yes. Just us. I like being just us, Mommy. Just beautiful us.”


Yes, baby girl. I like us, too. It’s beautiful.

5 responses to “Just Us”

  1. Heart melting. You and Kristen with your beautiful red-head girls…they are just so special.


  2. Emily Massengill Avatar
    Emily Massengill



  3. You are both BEAUTIFUL….ps: nice tan!


  4. Now, this sounds rather like a conversation I might have with my little redhead. 🙂

    She is just darling!


  5. The cutest thing ever! Thanks for posting it!


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