Prepare yourselves for an extremely random post. Just a few tidbits of our days together…

1. Yesterday we went to a wedding. All of us. It was classy, tasteful, breathtaking and refreshingly worshipful, full of poetry readings and quotations, Bach Cantatas, dancing the Virginia Reel, all with a genteel southern flair. My Bella was enraptured and I watched her stare at sweet Charlotte in awe all throughout the day. Before tucking her in bed, she threw her arms around me and sighed, “Miss Chahlotte is the most beautifulest bwide evah! I just can’t stop thinking about her pwetty dwess and her hay-ah (hair) and her smile, and I weally like Mr. Adam. *sighs* Oh, Mommy, I just love love.” Oh, Bella-girl, I really love love, too. But I’m going to really miss sweet Charlotte girl…

2. At one point the sister of the bride said in her toast, “I honestly can’t remember ever arguing with you.” My Ash took a breath and whispered, “Wow.” It was a huge impression. I love it when others have a huge impression on my son, and we are beyond blessed that we have so many others in our life that impress our children. Beyond blessed.

3. When I was cleaning up and de-cluttering this week, I was struck by something. My son. My Ash.

This is my bedside table.
This is his.

See it? Bible, books, journal and pen. (Only he has more money than we do.)

Makes. me. happy.

4. Friday was baking day. It’s super fun to bake with Bella. But it’s also really distracting. Especially if you are baking with a girl who changes clothes 100 times a day, because she has to find the “perfect outfit, Mommy.

5. JMU. My alma mater. They beat Virginia Tech. In Blacksburg. There are simply no words to describe it. No words. I will be bleeding purple for quite a few days now. DUUUUUUUUUUUKES!

6. Bear had his first sleepover. Yes. It about did me in to watch him climb in someone else’s car after school. He waved and grinned and was so excited. When he got home Saturday, I hugged him and told him how much I missed him. He told me, “Mom, I would have missed you, but I was having so much fun I forgot to.” I love that boy!


7. Apparently, during Bear’s first sleepover, they got up at 1:30 to play and then 4:30 to play and then 6:30 for the day. When I asked him how he slept, he told me, “We got up in the night and started playing. We just forgot to look out the window and see if it was morning yet.” Bear obviously forgets things a lot.

8. I am so thankful for a husband who not only knows how to diffuse my frustration but who makes me laugh every single day. While on the phone with him one day, I was taking him to task (yes, I do that–far more often that I want to admit) over how he doesn’t pick up after himself and describing how it’s like living with a maelstrom. To which he laughed and said, “You used maelstrom in a sentence. That’s awesome.” Which had the capability of either making me more frustrated or laugh… I laughed. And now we spend our days finding big words to use in sentences, only I usually say them wrong and he laughs at me again.

9. While talking with Asher about school one day, we were discussing the fourth grade class and how school is getting harder for them. He’s only in third grade. He’s been watching and listening to his friends talk about Mrs. F, their teacher. Asher’s words? “Mom, I can’t wait to get into Mrs. F’s class. I like to be challenged.” YES!

10. When my in-laws were here my father-in-law put up our porch swing. Some friends gave it to us, but our porch had no support structure on which to hang it. He built a support structure for us. I love it. So do my children. It’s not uncommon for me to see this:


Thank you, Ken!

11. My surgery is Thursday. I had several of you ask because I didn’t make it clear in my last post. Thank you for asking.

12. Friday we had friends ask us (I paraphrase), “Can we come over and bring pizza and hang out with y’all?” To which we responded with a hearty, “Please do!” It was such a wonderful evening. The kids had pizza and a movie and we adults sat outside with our pizza and wine and talked and laughed uproariously and shared stories and advice on children until the darkness descended and mosquitos drove us inside. It was friends we’ve had for many, many years and yet get together with far too little, but every time we do it’s like no time has passed. I love that they felt the freedom of just inviting themselves over, and I love that we can be completely ourselves with each other. No expectations. Just us. It was amazing.

13. My Keurig is not working right this morning. This means I haven’t had my coffee. This is a bad thing. It’s not the caffeine, because I can go without it. It’s the warmth and the taste. I just enjoy my morning cup so much. I almost went upstairs and woke Brian so he could fix it for me. I didn’t. I figure Sunday is not a good day to start with marital discord (really I guess no day is). He is still sleeping and I am still coffee-less. That is how much I love my husband.

14. I leave you with Bella Ballerina Princess Peasant Cowgirl. I love spending my days with her. Absolutely love it!


4 responses to “Tidbits”

  1. I’m so glad for Charlotte’s wedding this weekend, though disappointed to miss it. When I first met Adam, I remember thinking “Good heavens, what’s come over her?” She was just sort of glowing ;D

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful things with us.


  2. Okay. I’m going to get the obligatory, “good game, congratulations” out of the way. I didn’t get to watch much of the game, but I assume your team played well, and mine did not. It is such a let-down. But, we will pick ourselves up and carry on, like usual.

    Anyway, congratulations…good for the Dukes.

    And I love the picture at the end…she is superbly cute!!!


  3. I 100% know what you mean about the coffee. To me, it’s so much more than a drink. In fact, I am sometimes known to brew a cup not even really to drink, but just to have the aroma in my home, and to hold the hot steaming cup up to my face and breathe it in. It’s truly more of an experience than simply a beverage. ::::big sigh::::

    I’ll be praying for you as you prepare for Thursday…


  4. P.S. Wish we lived close enough to invite ourselves over for an impromptu hang out. You are such a kindred spirit, I have a feeling I’d find myself at your house often, probably holding a mug of something warm to drink. 🙂


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