Life Lessons from Jericho

Every morning while they eat their breakfast, I read to my children. Today found us reading the story of the fall of Jericho in the Old Testament. It always amazes me how wide-eyed they become even though they know the story by heart. Bear laughs at the absurdity of marching around a city to make its walls fall down, but he always claps when they do. Afterward, I pressed the boys on what they learned.

Today’s life lessons from Asher?

“Well, Mom. You see. It’s kind of like if Bear and I ordered a new Lego ship, and I didn’t want to follow the instructions because they were hard to understand. If I just built it the way I wanted to do it, then it would probably be pretty unstable and fall apart and it wouldn’t have any benefit. But Bear, he would want to follow the instructions, and his would be stable and he’d have a usable ship. It’s pretty simple. Even if it’s not the way we want to do it or if it doesn’t make sense, we just still follow God’s instructions, and it will all be for our best.”


Pretty much sums it up.

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