Tying the Red Cord

In the midst of the Battle of Jericho that we recently read about, is the story of Rahab. She is one of my favorites.

I love to picture the rubble of the city, the walls toppling on themselves, the frantic confusion and fear inside, the joy in victory outside. But I love to picture a spire, rising above the dusty air. A piece of the wall that remains standing. A window with a red cord dangling and a family huddled inside, listening and waiting for the spies who promised safety from the Lord to come.

Rahab. I have thought much and learned much from her this week.

Rahab. An Amorite prostitute and a very unlikely heroine.

Rahab. A woman who had faith in a God she had really only heard stories about.

Rahab. A woman who acted on that faith.

I want to be a Rahab. I’ve looked at her faith over and over. She knew so little theologically. She didn’t know whether or not her rescue of the spies would mean she would be killed or not. She didn’t try to figure out what was to come. She knew her city was bound for destruction, but she believed God could save her.

She just acted on what she knew.

I want to be a Rahab. She was imperfect, yes. She was flawed, yes. But she wasn’t waiting until she was perfect to act on her faith. I so often think I have to have it together before I move forward. God loves to use us in our weakness.

She just acted on what she knew.

I want to be a Rahab. She acted immediately. As soon as she heard the Lord speak into her life, she acted. She didn’t analyze. She didn’t hold off. She acted. The spies said, “Tie a red cord in the window.” And in her faith, she immediately tied the cord in the window. A red cord. Just like the red blood the Israelites put over their doorframes. A symbol of salvation, of His extravagant grace.

She just acted on what she knew.

I want to be a Rahab. She acted and then waited. She obeyed. She gathered her family. Can you imagine what it must have been like in that house? Seeing the Israelite priests, the ark of the Covenant, the people walk around her house each day and then leave? How hopeful she must have been the first day? And then the confusion and the wondering as each day passed? But she didn’t leave the house and go demand to know what was going on. She just waited on God and believed His promise. And it was fulfilled.

She just acted on what she knew.

I want to be a Rahab. I want to act on what I know and not be always asking about what is unknown. God has promised so many things.

Yet I struggle with wonder and worry and demand answers. When my children are falling apart because of life’s circumstances, I demand to know why God is allowing this in their lives. When I open the mailbox and see another hospital bill and wonder how on earth we are ever going to pay it, I demand to know why God is tightening the belt of our finances. When I watch friends suffer over and over and over, I demand to know when God is going to give them a break. When I send my boys off to a school I love, I demand to know if we can even continue to afford it and what would we do without that school? When I am entering the hospital this afternoon, I demand to know what the outcome will be for me and Bri and the kids.

I am flawed. I am imperfect. I am sinful. I am demanding.

Yet even in my messiness I tie the red cord.

I tie it over my children and say, “You have promised to care for them.” And I act in faith believing His promises.

I tie it over my hospital bills and say, “You have promised to always provide for us whatever we need.” And I act in faith believing His promises.

I tie it over my friends and say, “They are in Your hands. Your ways are wise and You make no mistakes.” And I act in faith believing His promises.

I tie it over my childrens’ school and say, “This gift for this day. We will send them as long as You provide and if we can’t You will make it plain what we should do.” And I act in faith believing His promises.

I tie it over my husband’s heart and say, “He is Yours, not mine. Mold him in Your image, not mine.” And I act in faith believing His promises.

I tie it over my heart and say, “Your blood covers all sins. Make me a vessel of your extravagant grace.” And I act in faith believing His promises.

I tie it over my life and say, “Thy will, not mine be done. You have never made a mistake with me yet.” And I act in faith believing His promises.

I want to be a Rahab.

And today I am tying the red cord, and I am acting in faith believing His promises.

5 responses to “Tying the Red Cord”

  1. Angie, It is 12:45pm Thurs. and I just read your post for today. I am praying right now. I don’t know when you’re going in but PRAYING NOW…. and believing in God’s promises. With sisterly love in Christ, Beth


  2. I’ve been struggling through the meaning of faith lately. What is it? What does it look like? How can I have it? Why do I refuse to believe the Truth? This was very timely for me. Thank you for being vulnerable and using your talent with words and your gift of faith to show the love of the Father. Thank you.


  3. Melissa Bruining Teeter Avatar
    Melissa Bruining Teeter

    I woke up at 5am praying for you, you were so heavy on my heart. Praying for you all day. Love you.



  4. Oh Angie…

    I too tie the red cord…

    Thank you for this post, you will never know how much I needed to hear these words.

    Blessings to you , my far away friend.


  5. judieyoung@hotmail.com Avatar

    My precious Angie,

    What a message from the depths of your heart. Our of the depths of my weakness and into His strength I pray for you. To walk in uncharted territory by faith is very shakey, but we will see Him more clearly and His love for us. My precious one as I was reading this I was so touched by something I read and it is as follows: Strange gift indeed!-a thorn to prick, to pierce into the very quick, to cause a perpetual sense of pain. Stange gift, And yet, ’twas given for gain.

    May His grace be seen as your life is hid with Christ in God in a way that your soul rejoices at the revelation of Him and your faith that was tested by fire will endure all tests. Christ in you the hope of glory.

    Grace abounding,


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