The soul is healed by being with children
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I am home and I am surrounded by pictures that Bella brings to me endlessly. Pictures of the five of us together all with huge smiles on our faces and holding hands. The boys spend hours by my side, especially Asher. He spent all of Saturday next to me in my big bed. We read together, we napped together, we worked on my laptop together, we talked. Bear will come and say little, but he will wrap his arms around my neck and bury his face in my arm and not move for what feels like hours. It is a good feeling, having their presence with me.

Today when they left for school, Asher said to me, “The first thing I’ll do when I get home is run up to your room to see you.” Bear smiled and nodded his agreement, eyes sparkling and dimples glowing.

I’ll be waiting right here.” I told them, and their satisfied smiles still linger in my room.

Moments later Bella comes running in, giggling and laughing and sparkling, “Oh, Mommy! You are so beautiful!” She climbs up in bed with me and sighs deeply, “I don’t ever want you to go away again.” She kisses my hand, giggles again, and then rushes off to eat her breakfast with Grandma.

The surgery is over. The healing has begun and being with my family is the best part.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude. The surgery went as planned and was fairly easy. They found nothing of concern and are expecting my recovery time to be about two weeks. I am on no lifting and no driving orders until my follow-up appointment (Oct. 12th), but I can already tell my body is gaining strength. The pain is rough and at times unbearable, but I am learning how to manage it and it is lessening. My mind is becoming less fuzzy and more able to take in what is happening around me, and I am up and around more in short spurts.

The surgery is over and the news is good.

I am cared for by a man who continues to sacrifice daily for me.

I am surrounded by little ones who fill my days with joy.

I am amazed by my parents and the way they serve with such love.

I am encouraged by friends who call and write and visit, taking time for me and my heart.

I am buoyed by God’s strength which shows itself ever present in my weakness.

I am filled with good foods brought by friends who once again step up to provide.

I am one step closer to health and one step further from this cancer nightmare.

I am healing.

I am thankful.

7 responses to “Healing”

  1. Angie – So sorry to hear that you have still been battling with things related to your health. I feel very ashamed that I had no idea you were still going through so much (especially when I saw you last week at the office). I am looking forward to Brian sharing the office with Matt and our families hopefully being able to spend some time together. It has been too long…
    Hope each day is better than the previous – looking forward to seeing you in the office again soon!


  2. I am thankful too – it makes my day to read that you are doing so well!
    Prayers for you!


  3. So thankful too. I hope your healing goes quickly.


  4. Hi Angie,
    I am so glad to hear you are home with your family and doing well (and that this is now behind you instead of in front of you:)) Praying you will have less pain and more strength every day.


  5. So glad to hear the surgery went well and you got a good report. YEAH! Blessings on your day and the weeks to come as you recover.


  6. judieyoung@hotmail.com Avatar

    My sweet Angie,

    Praise be to God. I am so thankful that He is sustaining you and you are in His right hand. Those who love salvation say, “Let Him be magnified.”

    Love and blessings,


  7. Angie, I’m so glad everything went to well with this. I had a feeling that things were going to be just fine, but of course you don’t go around telling people you “have a feeling” this or that. And I am SO GLAD…no cancer found!! You will still have a lot of physical recovering to do, and also emotional healing as well. I hope it goes smoothly. Thanking God for his mercy! Carol


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