Yesterday I wrote of how well Danica did through surgery. Thank you, again, all who prayed. God said “yes” to those prayers in a huge way. They have a room in the Ronald McDonald House. Danica’s surgery was successful and much shorter than expected. Danica was moved out of P-ICU and into her neuro room. So many details and God is showing Himself in each one.

Setback occurred yesterday.

The prayers of the saints all over the world (literally!) are carrying them. And just because there are setbacks, doesn’t mean God stopped hearing and answering prayers.

Danica is back in ICU. Here are Monica’s FB updates… she explains it much better than I.

“Danica is back in the P-ICU because she is not responding to any pain medicine. Going on 8+ hours of multiple adults holding her down. MRT consult. Still no real help. (Was on dillaudid pump and continuous dose–back on fentanyl drip now in PICU. MRT included someone from every team. She just doesn’t process meds like “most” people.) PLEASE PRAY FOR US!”

Dan and Monica are experiencing struggle beyond imagination. Watching their child suffer. I can’t imagine their feelings of complete helplessness. Yet they cling. You can read that in every word on Monica’s blog. They know Who God is… their portion and their strength.

The ache in my heart does not leave.

I cannot imagine the ache in theirs.

You bless me, bloggy friends, by covering them in prayer.

Even more so, you bless them.

3 responses to “Setbacks…”

  1. Avatar

    My dear one,

    Their lives are in His hand, He will never leave them nor forsake them. Thank God for the privilege to cry to Him in our time of need.

    God bless you,


  2. hurting with you…


    ugh. we had a scare with Asher last night and it was so awful and I was thinking that it’s just a small dose of what Danica and her family are going through…I’m just so sorry.


  3. I am praying with you sweet sister, I have had a similar journey and am walking further along the path, I will keep praying
    In His Grace


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