Another Danica Update

Are y’all ready for this?

Danica is HOME.

Well, she’s home from the hospital, but not in her home. Nine days after surgery and she was discharged. God is working healing in her little body, and she is doing fairly well. But even in this, there is hardship. Because of the architecture of their home and because of Danica being wheelchair bound for the next six weeks, Dan & Monica are living with Monica’s parents until Danica is out of her wheelchair. While I know Monica is supremely grateful for her parents and their love and help, I also know she wants to be in her own home with her own belongings and her own little family, and it is hard to let go.

Some of Monica’s most recent Facebook Updates:

–Danica just looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I don’t want to wear this anymore.”

–THIS is the hardest day of my life. The question of self pity and challenge of all I believe. We are at my parents. Long night ahead. Please pray.

“I believe still today what I have always believed: that God is good, that the world he made is extraordinary, and that his comfort is like nothing else on earth.” S. Niequist

Monica has written some beautiful, painful and vulnerable posts on her blog that will update you more if you wish to read them.

And again, thank you for praying for my friends.

God is moving and saying, “Yes,” to those prayers.

I am humbled by your love for them.

3 responses to “Another Danica Update”

  1. Praying, my sweet friend. Praying.

    Our Savior’s embrace is not impeded by casts or braces, stitches or wounds. May He cradle Danica close to His heart this day.


  2. Remembering and Continuing in Prayer…


  3. Just letting you know I’ve been following your updates and Monica’s blog and praying daily. (No need to publish this comment – just letting you know prayers are going up)


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