Everything… Including Wal-Mart

In our home, HATE is a four-letter-word. And any of you who know me well know how I feel about crude language and four-letter-words. I HATE them. (Yes, I realize I just used the word hate again.) And apparently I’ve taught my children it is okay to use the word “hate”. You know why? Because I say it about 200 times when I’m walking through Wal-Mart. Then they use it at home and I have to eat my words and repent of my hatred of that cursed place.

Honesty, y’all. I really dislike that store, and every time I go there I find my mood changes and I am an angry woman. So, you might ask, why do you go there? Because I haven’t found a way to remain within our budget for food and household items and NOT go there, so I do it and I grumble. I already spend way too much time researching deals and coupons and best places to get what… to the point that I question if I’m even being frugal with my time.

So, I walk through Wal-Mart, and if I’m having a “good” Wal-Mart experience (is that even possible?) I grumble under my breath, but some days it’s all out huffing and puffing over the disorganization, the lack of the food item I’m looking for, the poor lighting, the rude employees, etc. And then I hear my daughter singing this as loud as she can throughout the store:

“Dooooo EVerything without comPLAINing.
DOooooo EVerything without ARguing.
So that you may become PLAMEless and pure
Children of GOD. (ba dum bum bum)”

You would think my first reaction would be to stop and think and listen to God’s Word. Instead I rise up with wanting to complain that God actually put that verse in the Bible, and then I complain that I taught it to my daughter, and then I complain that she started singing it in the store.

Then God’s Spirit speaks.

“Do everything without complaining.”


I look at the shelves stocked with food items too numerous to count, and I think about our little Mario, our Compassion Child, who gets grapes for Christmas and thinks it’s a delicacy. I see clothing in every size and color and style, aisles upon aisles of shoes and I think of children in Africa who wear no shoes. There are bedding and blankets and towels galore, and I think of Appalachia or inner cities here in America where children have no blankets to warm them at night, some even sleeping on the streets.

And I shut my mouth.

I close my eyes.

I listen to God’s Word lisped from my daughter’s lips.

When I reopen them I still don’t like Wal-Mart. I never will.

But I view it differently.

And I open my mouth to sing with her.

I stop complaining and I start giving thanks.

God provides so much more than I need. We have a beautiful home with beds and blankets and food on the table and wood for the fire and a huge yard to run and play in. We have cars and schools and churches and Bibles.

We have no need.

Except for Him to open my eyes and change my heart to see Him.

And sometimes He even uses Wal-Mart to teach me.

7 responses to “Everything… Including Wal-Mart”

  1. I am so with you on Wal-Mart. I avoid it at all costs! The few times I do go, I promise never to return. AND I am so with you on not even having time to coupon. I just had this conversation this week in fact. My sister uses a site http://www.southernsavers.com, but I still haven’t found the time to check it out. She even took a workshop last week on couponing and saved $40 at the store.
    Anyway, I’m with you all the way!


  2. I had no idea you hated the Walmart so much…I don’t have the same reaction…I am amused in there, at the people. Anyway, I think this is something we can all try to remember every single day.


  3. 🙂 I told my mom and nanny how bella sang to me all weekend long last weekend…they want to steal her! God uses her and you too to open up my heart and eyes, all. the. time. Thanks friend..love u so much


  4. Angie,

    I am not a real fan of walmart but its close and yes cheaper than other places. But what I realized awhile back is God can use me even at walmart.

    Working in the Emergency room, I have come across many of the people who work there. There are some sad stories and I only find that out when they enter our ED and I really get to talk to them. I help with their physical problem but usually, their personal lives surface.

    Many are stuggling with poor home situations, of course low pay and trying to make ends meet and sometimes low self esteem for having to work at Walmart.

    So when I go in, I may run into one I had recently cared for and they recognize me and will chat a bit. But I have made it a point to pray for them even if I haven’t take care of them. As I walk in the door, I say a prayer for the greeter who I know hears it all. I pray for the stock guys when I walk in late at night or early morning who have been lifting big boxes and constantly bending to put the items in the aisles for me to choose. I pray for the cashiers that God would just give them strengh and patience as one buyer is either cursing or complaining about something. ( i maybe the one complaining while I wait and need to hurry and get out of there! )

    As I walk out, I may be a bit frustrated because my line didn’t move fast enough for me or I didn’t find the right stuff or I need to get home and get supper done and they took up too much of my time! ( i had only allowed 20 mins and ended up in there 50), I continue to pray

    As I drive away, I am thankful for everyone of them because God has created them. I am blessed that I was able to shop there and meet them and say a prayer for their unknown needs.
    Not only that but I get to run into alot of my friends and and talk up a storm.( thats probably why i am late getting out of there) I get to hug a friend of Dave and Sharon Hoovers who they mentored so they could become proficient in English to get their citizenship. ( I met her at a birthday party) I love her and her smile and listening to her talk about her family.

    Wait a minute. I thought I can be used to bless? What just happened? I feel blessed.

    Thats our great God. I needed them more today than they may have needed me!

    Thank you Jesus for your grace! Amen




  5. judieyoung@hotmail.com Avatar

    Dearest Angie,

    This needs to go into Reader’s Digest. Out of the mouth of Babe’s. Audrey is just toooooo beautiful and you are a good teacher. Your student even sings your message out. I just had to chuckle. This is a classic.
    Love and blessings,


  6. Aww, your Audrey is such a cutie. She sounds like sunshine on a rainy day!


  7. “Without complaining, without arguing, do, DO Everything!!!”

    Wow, it all comes back 😉 I remember that song so well. Thanks, Bella!


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