November Gratitude: Just Five?


“Just five?”

That was Brian’s response.

You see, we have started reading a book together on parenting and raising children and love and discipline. Each chapter holds exercises for us to do together. Exercises that we discovered will not only enrich our mind and heart when it comes to parenting but also when it comes to each other.

Yesterday’s exercise involved naming each child and listing five assets or attributes or just beautiful things about them that are inherent in them that we see, because our fallen world has trained us to miss what’s right before our eyes. Because our natural tendency is to focus on the negative. Because our children need to hear and know and be sure of our love because of who they are.

My eyes immediately welled.

Bri sighed.

“Just five? We could list thousands.”

I love that man!


We are so very, very blessed with such dear, wonderful children. Made in the image of God and daily showing His handiwork.


It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. (~Joyce Maynard)

Thank you, Lord, for children who are reflections of you…for their father who daily showers them with affirmation and praise.. for who they are, not what they do… for filling my life with such blessing. My cup overflows.

3 responses to “November Gratitude: Just Five?”

  1. Emily Massengill Avatar
    Emily Massengill

    They are oh so wonderful and delightful, and we can’t wait to see them (and you and Bri!!) Also, would love to know the name of that book:)


  2. When are you going to name the attributes? I would love to read them! They seem like such wonderful kids.

    This is a great exercise for all parents…I think I’ll try this. Thanks for such a great idea!


  3. Avatar

    Dearest Angie and Brian,

    This is just like that sweet Dad. Brian you are the best father. Your children are blessed that they have both of you.

    May His grace, mercy and peace abound to you both.



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