It Matters

Their voices overlapped and interrupted, rising in intensity and excitement as they remembered and repeated and replayed scene after scene of the movie. It had only been 2 days since they had seen it, and along with their friend riding home with us that day, they had memorized half the movie (how do they DO that?!). The soundtrack played over our car stereo, and someone would say, “Oh, this is when…”

I quickly tuned them out. After all, what did it matter to me? It was just a movie. A sweet movie, but a movie nonetheless.

Then my Bella said, “Mommy, remember when…?” and I was forced to pay attention and involve myself with a half-hearted, “Oh, yes, dear.” Quickly, distractions pulled my thoughts away from a silly movie, and then I heard, “Mom, remember when…?” and I was pulled back again from my reverie. “Wasn’t that neat?” I came up with quickly, not even knowing what they had said.

I groused inwardly. After all, it’s just a movie. Why do they keep distracting me from my thoughts? My mental to do-list is much more important that a little ol’ movie. What does it matter?

You know what’s coming, don’t you?

It mattered to them.

It wasn’t just a movie to them.

It was important to them.

They enjoyed reliving it.

And if it mattered to them, well then it mattered to me, because they matter to me. And I was reminded again that this mommyhood thing is not about me… it’s about them and it’s about Him.

And I realized how many times I come to God with my repeated requests and demands and frustrations and joys, and He doesn’t ignore me or push me out of his mind or let me chatter away while He thinks about something else.

He listens and He cares.

Because it matters to me.

And if it matters to me, it matters to Him.

It matters.

And that is enough.

4 responses to “It Matters”

  1. 🙂 thanks Angie. So I was getting a tour of the golf course that Adam works on because he wanted to give me a tour and well I felt like I was on an amusement park ride riding on his John Deere tractor. And he took be past every hole (18 holes if you’re wondering 😉 and explained how he had fixed up this hole and made the bunker better at this hole. Then he would make me get out the golf cart and point out “so this is how the grass is not supposed to feel” and “this is how it’s supposed to.” And so we drive and drive (and all I’m thinking is, wow, I wish I had worn a heavier jacket). And I was thinking to myself, “I don’t really care about golf nor do I understand golf lingo” but then I realized…all this stuff REALLY matters to him. And I then I was happy. Because if it mattered enough for him to take me past each hole and explain the things he explained, then it should matter to me. Like you put it: It matters and that is enough 🙂 (there you go…a little Adam story for you since you haven’t heard too much about him yet ;))


  2. P.S.: I love you!


  3. Avatar

    Sweet one,

    Just to glorious!!!!!



  4. Oh thank you, THANK YOU friend. What a timely reminder and encouragement for my own heart!

    So much happening right now. Let’s talk soon…

    Next week’s schedule?


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