Praying Over Zinnias

This morning, I stood at my kitchen sink and stared unfocused out the window at the dewy yard. I couldn’t see the ragged canes of our black raspberry patch straggling through the yard, because yesterday morning some of our former youth and college kids came with their father and cleaned it all up for us. I thought for a moment about what an incredible blessing it was, how humbled we are to be loved so much.

Then my eyes fell on the zinnias on the windowsill. Seeds Ash planted for Mother’s Day and gave to me, sitting there waiting for me to move them outside. I have the perfect spot for them, just at the edge of the shed where I can see them every day.

I’ve been waiting until I could get that spot dug up and cleaned out because it has become so overgrown and encumbered with weeds that I want to start over, and I want Asher’s flowers to be the first planted.

Asher’s zinnias are wilted and dying.

Over the course of the last few days I’ve forgotten to water them, and I am afraid they are beyond hope.

And I sit and weep over flowers and pray over flowers and beg God to let them revive, for Asher’s sake. For mine.

Y’all, I feel like those flowers.

I sit and weep over my diagnosis, my fears, my struggles, and I wonder if I am too wilted and beyond hope.

I cannot go there. I must fight constantly against the whispers in the back of my brain. “Get them planted now, because next summer you might be gone.” And I mentally scream at the thoughts inside my head to SHUT UP, and I beg God for mercy on us and our home and our hearts.

I sit and weep over us and beg God to let us revive, for our children’s sake, for my husband’s sake, for my parents’ sakes, for my brother’s & grandparent’s and in-law’s sakes, for my friends’ sakes, for my sake.

Not just my body, but our hearts. Revive us, O Lord, with deeper love for you.

So I pray.

I pray for healing and grace and mercy and strength.

And I pray over zinnias, because no prayer is trivial. Because it matters to me, so it matters to God.

Thank you all, for your encouragement, support and prayers… we need them. Oh, how we need them!

9 responses to “Praying Over Zinnias”

  1. Praying, praying, praying. Always on my mind.


  2. Dear Sweet Angie,
    You are constantly in my heart and prayers! I love you!


  3. You’re in our hearts & prayers everyday!


  4. Oh Angie, it is once again time for us to pray,weep and be there for you, just as you have blessed so many with with your beautiful words. I love to read you little notes on FB and here. You may never know how many peoples lives you have touched through your beautiful words.


  5. I, too, pray for healing and grace and mercy and strength for you and your family! (and for the zinnias!) 🙂


  6. Continued prayers for you and your family.

    ..but I won’t pray for the zinnias just in case my horribly black thumb translates into black prayers – it’s honestly safer that way :).


  7. Praying for my weeping Angie (I weep with you) and for wilted zinnias. May you both thrive and bloom for all to see and be blessed by. God…have mercy and shower your grace on dear sweet Angie and her family. Love you Ang ~ Jan


  8. My dear Angie,

    I pray for you daily, many times during the day I cry out with you for His grace to abound to you. My dear one this momentary light affliction is producing in you an eternal weight of glory. Christ is being formed in you. To God be the glory for His mercy and grace upon all of us.

    God bless you,


  9. Isn’t wonderful we can bring our greatest need and our smallest desire to our BIF God who rejoices that we come before Him. We weep with you and you and your family will remain the forefront of our prayers. We love you!


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